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Beijing, China

The 2nd China (Beijing) International Fluid Equipment Expo 2015


Organized by Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co., Ltd., CIFEE 2015 – The 2nd China (Beijing) International Fluid Equipment Expo 2015 will take place in conjunction with CIMIE 2015 – The 11th China (Beijing) International Metallurgy Industry Expo 2015, CIFE 2015 – The 11th China (Beijing) International Foundry Industry Exhibition 2015, CIFE 2015 - The 11th China (Beijing) International Die Casting Exhibition 2015, CIFE 2015 – The 11th China (Beijing) International Forging Industry Expo 2015, CIIFE 2015 – The 11th China (Beijing) International Industrial Furnace Expo 2015, CIIFE 2015 – The 11th China (Beijing) International Refractories Expo 2015, CIHTE 2015 - The 11th China (Beijing) International Heat Treatment Expo 2015 and CITE 2015 - The 11th China (Beijing) International Tube & Pipe Expo 2015 during September 8-10, 2015 at China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing, China.

Acting as the "heart" of the national economy, the equipment manufacturing industry is the carrier of high technology and the bridge & channel of transforming into productive forces. As an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry, the products and technology of Fluid Equipment are widely used in the field of petroleum and natural gas,city construction,hydraulic engineering,shipbuilding, metallurgy,environmental protection,building materials,transportation etc. Always at the cutting-edge of industry,CIFEE seeks potential move,  fits the development of domestic and overseas market demand, multi-dimensionality invites professional visitors and brand dealers, organizes petrochemical, environmental protection, public works and other industry buyers groups.   CIFEE 2015 – The 2nd China (Beijing) International Fluid Equipment Expo 2015 will concentratedly display the most advanced technology, products & equipments, transfer the latest industry information, constantly promote technical exchange and trade cooperation between enterprises, thus play an important role in the development of fluid equipment industry.


Exhibits Scope of CIFEE 2015
▼ Fluid equipment: fluid pipeline conveying machinery and accessories, fluid, fluid handling equipment, fluid systems, fluid sealing, etc.;
▼ Pump, centrifugal pump, vacuum pump, metering pump, chemical pump, oil pump, flow pump, sewage pump, vortex pump, self-priming pump, multi-stage pump, corrosion-resistant pumps, pneumatic pump, pipeline pump, paper pulp pump, air-conditioning pumps, submersible pump, swimming pool pump, submerged pump, magnetic pump, gear pump, screw pump, arc, high viscosity pump and impurity pump and other special pump; Pump products, form a complete set of equipment, etc.;
▼ Valve, gate valve, globe valve, throttle valve, plunger valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, pressure reducing valve, safety valve, drain valve, regulating valve, drain valve, instrument valve, vacuum valve and other pipe fittings, etc.; Electric actuators, pneumatic actuator, hydraulic actuator, locator, valve and other valve products and related accessories, etc.;
▼ Instruments: flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, waist wheel flowmeter, rotameter, steam flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, roots flowmeter, differential pressure flow meter and other various flow meter, etc.;
▼ Compressed air technology: air compressor, air compressor parts, compressed air treatment equipment, vacuum technology and equipment, etc.;
▼ Fan, blower fan, blower, multistage centrifugal blower, roots blower, fan box, balancing machine, bearing, diffuser, and other fan accessories;
▼ Process equipment: equipment/process equipment, process instrumentation, process control and automation, industrial auxiliary equipment, etc.;
▼ Pipe/flange, socket type pipe, threaded pipe fittings, pipe fittings, flange welding pipe fittings, all kinds of flange and related accessories.

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