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Milan, Włochy

Mostra Convegno Expocomfort March 2016


The most consolidated sector of MCE has been able to flourish according to innovations resulting from the constant research and development activities, and concerning regulations as well as market demands, achieving the highest levels of innovation and product diversification.
On stage, leading international manufacturers offering an exhaustive overview of technologies and new integrated systems to investigate all the possibilities for a better and optimized management of resources, and a healthy and well-protected environment


MCE highlights, far more than any other exhibition, the great potential of this industry segment, enjoying an unparalleled presence of world’s leading manufacturers in the following sectors: refrigeration, ventilation, air-conditioning and renewable energy sources.
An overall showcase, aimed at a broad audience of installers and designers in search of high performance solutions for environmental temperature control through the seasons of the year.


An issue becoming more and more eye-catching. Water is a precious commodity and should be respected and conserved in an optimal way, by reducing its consumption and wastage. These targets can be achieved through the introduction of innovative and technologically advanced solutions for residential and industrial plant design developed by big and small companies.
To cap it all, a wide range of aesthetically attractive and functional solutions for bathroom interiors in order to meet all visitors’ needs.


The continuous development of renewable energy sources, producing both thermal and electrical energy, provides a winning alternative to conventional energy sources, inevitably bound to run out.
And hence, MCE offers a wide range of cutting-edge products and solutions for residential and industrial plant design, that integrate with other technologies having a high impact factor.
It is therefore not surprising that such a dynamic and innovative sector is capable of generating lively interest among all the different players in the industry.


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