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ASHRAE Annual Conference 2015

The 2015 Annual Conference in Atlanta will have a strong focus on the design, construction and operation of high performance buildings as four of the nine tracks in the conference focus on advanced design guidance, modeling, operation and optimization, and indoor air quality which are key aspects of high performance buildings along with one track that explicitly considers measured results and other aspects of high performance buildings,” said David Claridge, Technical Conference Chair.

A call for papers recently closed and some 130 abstracts were accepted, he said. As expected, there were a large number of submissions to the Systems and Equipment track. The Building Operation, Maintenance, and Optimization/Commissioning Track had the second-highest number of abstracts accepted.

A call for programs will be announced to round out the program, he said. The window for submitting program proposals for seminars, forums, workshops, etc. is January 5, 2015 to February 9, 2015.

The Moving Advanced Energy Design Guidance to the Mainstream Track focuses on the Advanced Energy Design Guides and seeks programs on methods for using the guides, including actual building case studies and other documented uses to move the market towards energy efficiency.

The High Performance Buildings Track extends ASHRAE’s extensive activities in the design and measured performance of these buildings by seeking programs on these successes as well as identifying shortfalls where high performance has fallen considerably short of the design.

Real engineering as applied to operation, maintenance and operational optimization or “commissioning” can bring increased comfort and offers huge financial returns. The Building Operation, Maintenance, and Optimization/Commissioning Track seeks programs related to all aspects of this topic.

Computational capacity and data collection capability has expanded the scope, complexity and practical applications of modeling. The Modeling throughout the Building Life Cycle Track seeks programs related to all aspects of building modeling and, in particular, successful applications that have extended modeling into operational phases of the building life cycle.

Indoor air quality is closely linked to comfort and to occupant satisfaction, productivity and health. The Indoor Air Quality Track seeks programs that explore these links, particularly in ways that make the case for high levels of IAQ compelling to building owners.

The Refrigeration Track has an emphasis on related refrigeration technologies that will reduce the use of traditional refrigerants including evaporative cooling and desiccants.

As with past ASHRAE conferences, the Atlanta Conference also seeks programs addressing advances and practices across HVAC&R systems, equipment, fundamentals and applications.

Conference paper abstracts have been accepted for this conference. Papers are due Jan. 5, 2015. These papers undergo a single-blind review.

Reviews are currently being conducted on Technical Papers. These papers undergo a rigorous double-blind review and will be published in ASHRAE Transactions. If you would like to be a reviewer for Technical Papers, please contact Tiffany Cox, Conference Program Administrator, at