Z-Duct™ heat exchangers are designed to allow the recovery of large amounts of energy that would otherwise be wasted. They are highly efficient, low cost, and with no moving parts to break down or replace, they are also low maintenance.

Z-Duct Heat Exchangers use less energy to cool and heat incoming air
How Z-Duct™ works: Counterflow air streams are brought into close proximity, separated by one continuous, dimpled and folded sheet of aluminum; or by layers of desiccant coated synthetic media that act as primary heat transfer surfaces. The heat transfer surface is formed into a matrix with two completely separate and distinct air passages. The ends of the matrix are sealed for minimum leakage, virtually eliminating cross-contamination.

In air conditioning systems, Z-Duct™ makes it possible to pre-cool incoming supply air by transferring energy from the outdoor air to the exhaust air. The reverse is true for heating systems. Energy is transferred from the exhaust to the outdoor air, thereby pre-warming the supply air. Less energy is needed to either cool or heat incoming air. This transfer of energy from exhaust to supply air greatly reduces fuel consumption as well as the equipment capacity required to condition the outdoor air.

Z-Duct™ works economically in most applications where fresh outdoor air is being drawn into a building to meet ASHRAE recommended or code ventilation requirements or to replace spent, stale, or contaminated air.

Z-Duct™ heat exchangers are available as either stand-alone versions or for integration into a packaged energy recovery system.

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