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termin: 12-13.06.2009 miejsce: Milan, Italy

The XIII European Conference on the Latest Technologies in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning will take place in the Politecnico of Milano on 12th-13th June 2009. The conference is organized by United Nations (UNEP), International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), Associazione dei Tecnici del Freddo-ATF and Centro Studi Galileo-CSG and it is under the Auspices of the Presidency of the Council of the Ministers and the Environment Ministry, the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Economic Development Ministry.
The conference aims to present new low environmental impact synthetic and natural refrigerant, new components and new plants, energy and environmental optimization, latest laws and regulations on HFC, HCFC at national and European level, laws, licences and certifications, the cold chain and new controls. In addition, the conference will also feature an open discussion on new European regulation on F-gases and energy and environmental issues.