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Tashkent, Uzbekistan


UZBUILD - International Building & Construction Exhibition. Interiors, Heat and Vent

Main Economic Indices:
The GDP growth rate has been 7.9% in the first quarter of 2009 in Uzbekistan. The following were the main factors contributed to the economic growth: timely implementation of integrated activities focused on domestic consumption support that ensured gain in industrial production by 9.9%, including consumer goods by 12.5%, agricultural output by 5.7%, construction works by 12.1%, retail turnover by 18.3%, and fee-based services by 17.6%. An active continuation of structural reforms and technological modernization provided for investment increase by 31.4%. Moreover, the state support of small business and private entrepreneurship created favourable environment for their dynamic development. The current Investment Program enabled to disburse foreign investments in amount of US$418 million in the first quarter of this year and their share in the total investments reached 22.3%. Herewith, direct foreign investments made US$356.5 million that was 2.5 times more than before and their specific weight in the total volume of foreign investments and loans achieved 85.3%.

Construction Market of Uzbekistan:
Currently, a large-scale construction of new and reconstruction of the existing industrial facilities, apartment buildings, other social and sport facilities has been evolved through out the country. This was particularly stressed in the Presidential Resolution on “Strengthening of Economic Reforms and Expediting of Construction Material Production Development”. The country pays much attention to privatization of the construction material market and establishment of a competitive environment through completion of privatization processes and creation of incentives for attraction of foreign investments in the construction industry.

UzBuild 2009 – Brief Overview:
Date of establishment: 2000
Periodicity: annual
Gross total space, sq.m: 5170 sq.m.
Participants: 111 companies from 15 countries
Visitors: 8 000
Venue: Uzexpocentre
Composition: 53% international and 47% local companies