California-based food retailer Raley’s, having recently joined the EPA's GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership, is to open its greenest store in California that employs glycol coolants and CO2 as secondary coolants.

On Earth day (22 April), Raley’s is set to open its environmental store in Petaluma, California. The store employs secondary coolants to medium- and high-temperature fixtures and CO2 for low-temperature fixtures. Using much smaller amounts of refrigerant to regulate temperatures allows to significantly decrease the amount of refrigerant used by 40%. Hence, the new store only requires 1,800 pounds of refrigerant, compared to 3,000 pounds of refrigerant found in a typical draw for operating systems.
“Our new Petaluma Raley’s store is a shining example of our environmentally friendly design, construction and maintenance practices.” said Raley’s president and CEO Bill Coyne. Apart from the environmentally friendly refrigeration system the store was designed to operate at high efficiency levels by harnessing the power of natural elements like sunlight, water and air, decreasing a significant amount of air emissions, and savings thousands of gallons of water each month.

Raley's joined GreenChill Partnership

In January 2009, Raley's joined the EPA's GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership to fight climate change and protect the earth’s ozone layer. The retailer was certified for the green refrigeration technology installed in the new store.

About the GreenChill Partnership and Raley's

The GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership is an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cooperative alliance with the supermarket industry and other stakeholders to promote advanced technologies, strategies, and practices that reduce refrigerant charges and emissions of ozone-depleting substances and greenhouse gases.
West Sacramento, California based Raley's operates the Raley's, Bel Air Markets, Nob Hill Foods and Food Source brands in northern California and Nevada.