The FTXL-G / RXL-G is an energy efficient heat pump system optimised for heating that has class A energy performance. This wall mounted pair combination provides high heating capacity and an extended operating range, making it ideal for efficient heating even in very cold conditions.

Class A energy performance
The heat pump pair is optimised for efficient heating with a heating capacity up to 6.6 kW and COP’s up to 4.58. The system’s heating capacity automatically adapts to the outdoor temperature and room demand, using only the energy required to ensure optimum room comfort at outdoor temperatures down to -20ºC.

Intelligent comfort

The built-in sensors and intelligence of the FTXL-G monitor room occupation. If the room is empty for 20 minutes, the system shifts the set temperature by ±2 degrees to reduce the consumption. If people are present, the louvers will automatically direct the airflow to unoccupied areas of the room, thanks to the 2-area intelligent eye. Moreover, the airflow is directed downwards in heating to ensure optimal comfort at all times. A weekly timer enables the end user to programme the unit according to his habits.
A powerful mode is available for rapidly bringing a room up to temperature. Other features include a silent operation mode to reduce the noise level of the outdoor unit and built-in air purification: a titanium apatite photocatalytic air purification filter absorbs microscopic dust particles, decomposes odours and deactivates bacteria and viruses.

Flexible and user friendly

The RXL-G outdoor unit can be installed on the roof, terrace or against an outside wall. The FTXL-G indoor unit with flat panel fits any interior and is easy to clean. Its many functions are easy to control via the infrared remote control. The remote control also informs the user of any system malfunction, allowing the required action to be taken.
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