Strategic product expansion at TROX GmbH. TROX enters AHU market.

TROX zwiększa produkcję
3D image of the new production hall in Anholt, GermanyFrom late summer 2011, TROX will offer central air handling units in addition to its existing product range of components and systems for ventilation, air conditioning and fire protection. The units will be manufactured in a new 15,000 m² plant at the site of Anholt and are primarily intended for Germany and other central European countries.

For a number of years now, TROX has been manufacturing important components and functional parts that play an integral role in room air conditioning. The company already manufactures central air handling units in Spain, Brazil and South Africa. By commencing manufacturing operations in Germany, TROX is now integrating the central element of an air conditioning system into its product portfolio and tailoring these products to meet the specific requirements of the central European market.

The units will cover an air volume flow rate range of between 1,200 and 86,000 m3/h with many configuration options. In parallel to this, TROX is also developing corresponding software.

"Energy efficiency is our top priority at TROX, and energy-efficient components and systems have been part of our portfolio for quite a number of years. To achieve optimum energy efficiency, however, the entire system needs to be taken into account. AHU units, intelligent instrumentation and control technology are key components of such systems," said TROX CEO Lutz Reuter. "Moreover, this decision is testament to the company's clear commitment to its activities in Germany."

With the commencement of production, TROX in Germany has become the only manufacturer to offer all the components required for installing a central air conditioning system, beginning with external louvres to central air handling units and through to air diffusers with TROX control engineering.

To document the quality of the product, TROX has become a member of the German association of AHU manufacturers.