Whether for new buildings or refurbishments, ventilation and air conditioning technology from TROX has proven to be innovative, user-oriented and above all energy-efficient in the past years. As in the years before, this was recognised by the jurors for the Architecture and Technology Innovation Award 2009, which will be presented as part of ISH in Frankfurt/Main.

TROX GmbH, in cooperation with the architect's office Collignon GmbH, received the 1st Innovation Prize for Architecture and Technology in the building services category for its decentralised ventilation system in a refurbishment project at Feldberstraße 35 in Frankfurt. 1st prize was given in recognition of the architecturally ambitious, openly designed decentralised ventilation unit which brings together in a single technical unit all the basic functionalities required for typical refurbishment projects from the 60ies and 70ies. These include supply functions (outside air), indoor air addition as well as heating, cooling and filtering.
The architectural design potential of this otherwise high-tech solution was another feature that particularly impressed the jury.
Another Innovation Prize for Architecture and Technology was conferred as a special award to TROX GmbH in cooperation with Ingenhoven Architects for the chilled diffuser integrated into the sill in the newly built Sky Office in Düsseldorf.
The undersill unit for air-water ventilation systems that won this special award can be fully integrated into the room air conditioning concept of the high-rise building. Working in conjunction with a compressed, double-shell façade solution and component cooling, this solution appears to be top-quality in terms of aesthetics and extremely effective. The mixture of a central supply of fresh air and secondary air in the room ensures comfortable and cost-efficient operation.
For both of the concepts used in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, a high degree of efficiency and use of energy could be achieved thanks to these innovative developments. Furthermore, the user requirements of optimal comfort and room ventilation laid the basis for the development of these two solutions.

Image left: Interior view Feldbergstraße 35, Frankfurt/Main;
Image right: Exterior View Sky Office, Düsseldorf

Source: http://www.troxtechnik.com/en/company/news/marketnews/0903_innovation_award/index.html