Na stadionach FIFA World Cup 2010 zostały zainstalowane centralne systemy klimatyzacyjne GREE o wysokich wskaźnikach wydajności, całkowicie spełniające wymagania komitetu organizacyjnego

Systemy klimatyzacyjne GREE na stadionach FIFA World Cup 2010
GREE Central AC-“Created in China” Brings FIFA World Cup with Cool and Freshness

GREE central air conditioning systems for stadiums of FIFA World Cup 2010 have been installed and debugged, each performance index of which completely meets requirements of organizing committee, indicating the accomplishment of two-year bidding activity of central AC project for World Cup 2010.

At the beginning of 2008, as a unique Chinese brand participated in the bidding of central AC project for 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, with advanced technology, flexible design and reliable performance, GREE central AC standing out from numerous rivals won the bid of central AC project for many important stadiums, including the building for the World Cup officials (SAFA House), main stadium compound (F & B Stadium) and the stadium in Limpopo Province etc. It was the first time that Chinese central AC won the bidding for stadiums of World Cup.

Besides, successively wining 7 AC projects for key infrastructural facilities of World Cup which include Gautrain project, Protea hotel, etc, GREE is one of the leading AC brands who are capable to provide World Cup a package service of air conditioning. Among others, Gautrain project in Gauteng province is the first high speed railway in Africa connecting Johannesburg International Airport and Capital Pretoria as well as the “Politics, Economy and Diplomacy” artery of South Africa.

South Africa is located in the southernmost Africa and belongs to tropical savanna climate. The maximum temperature difference between day and night is about 20 ℃。In order to ensure the reliable and high-efficient operation of central AC, GREE creatively applies advanced technologies including independent electric auxiliary heater, digital VRF heat recovery, and remote real-time monitoring, which greatly promote the energy-saving, reliability and intelligence of air conditioning system. The central AC not only enables the audience to watch game in comfortable temperature but also make the electric equipments inside the stadium reliably run in proper ambient temperature, which is highly praised by organizing committee.

In recent years, GREE is extensively expanding the international market and gains many international projects. In 2007, Gree won the bid for the Beijing Olympic Media Village project at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games; in 2008, a tender of Indian Telecom Base Station project with total value USD20, 000,000 was accepted and at that time, it was the biggest bidding in oversea market that was won by Chinese proprietary brand in air conditioning industry. In another important football event which was just finished African Cup of Nations 2010, GREE central AC witnessed that Egypt successfully defended the title in Lubango Stadium.

GREE CEO Dong Mingzhu says, it is proved by GREE that Chinese enterprise not only can be the excellent “Maker” but also can be the outstanding “Creator”. Associated with large international sporting events, GREE has accumulated valuable experience on large international projects and its international competitiveness has been enhanced. As usual, GREE will meticulously prepare for every large international sporting event together with athletes to strive for more international projects and let the world know more about “Created in China”.

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