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Novosibirsk, Russia

STROIsib 2010 (СТРОЙСИБ 2010)

STROISIB - International Exhibition of Ventilation, Heating, Air Conditioning, Sanitary Ware, Ceramics, Finishes, Engineering, Intellectual Building

The exhibition for construction, architecture and woodworking STROISIB takes special place in ITE Siberian Fair exhibition calendar.
It has become a tradition to gather at the beginning of the year Siberian construction industry representatives at Novosibirsk exhibition of new production technologies and ideas, new initiatives. Each year STROISIB has been attracting the growing number of exhibitors, thus increasing public interest in the event.
Nowadays the construction industry is being developed as dynamically and efficiently as never before. For instance, in 2007 the square of newly built lodging in Novosibirsk totaled up to 1 200 000 m². Annually more and more social, municipal infrastructure establishments and industrial areas are built. Governmental support of the building complex has also increased greatly.
Still the priority aim for the region is lodging prices reduction which is considered to be the sole way to satisfy the demand for modern and comfortable. Special attention is paid to implementation of scientific and technical elaborations, resource- and energy-saving technologies in the building sector.
Most technologies and developments will be represented during seminars and round-table discussions organized within “STROISIB-2009" framework. The discussions are to spotlight reliable information about large-scale building projects, civil infrastructure development and reconstruction, architecture and engineering planning.
Highlighting the significance of the given project, STROISIB is the biggest event for construction industry in Siberia.
- Household and industrial air conditioners
- Chillers
- Ventilation equipment
- Refrigerator equipment
- Heating systems
- Boiling equipment
- Water heaters
- Burners
- Pumps
- Radiators
- Smoke and heat removing systems
- Fire ventilation systems
- Heating equipment
- Heat-, hydro insulation
- Filters, waste water purification systems