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Constantine, Algeria

The First International Seminar on HVAC and Energy

Constantine, Algeria, December 6-7 2010

Le premier séminaire international sur le génie climatique et l’énergétique

Contantine Algérie, 6-7 Décembre 2010
You are invited to submit an abstract for the First International Seminar on HVAC and energy (SIGCLE’2010) to be held 67 December, 2010 in Constantine. The seminar is organized by the HVAC & Refrigeration Engineering Laboratory, Constantine, Mentouri University, Algeria.
The Seminar aims to bring together an international group of researchers, professionals, practitioners, and students who routinely improve the thermal building, energy efficiency for HVAC & refrigeration systems, renewable energy and sustainable development. SIGCLE’2010 is a forum intended to be a timely exchanges among researchers, building operators, and professionals interested in continuous advancement in energy efficiency applications and sustainable development.
We invite you to submit your best creative work and projects on the following topics:
· Building materials
· Bioclimatic
· Energy efficiency for HVAC and Refrigeration systems
· Applications to buildings and agriculture
· Solar energy
· Hybrid installations
· Environment
SIGCLE’2010 Language: the official language is French and English.
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