SHK MOSCOW maintains its reputation as the leading trade fair for building and energy technology in Russia.

SHK Moscow 2010 - Final Report
Demand for energy-efficient systems and renewable energy greater than ever

SHK Moscow 2010The SHK MOSCOW fair, which took place at Moscow’s Krasnaya Presnya exhibition centre for the 14th time from 20 - 23 April 2010, generated immense interest. Two hundred well-known Russian and international companies from 13 different countries presented their products and services in the field of building and energy technology, although the main focus was clearly on the topics of energy efficient systems and renewable energies. 9,700 trade visitors came to find out about the highlights in the industry.

In spite of the continuing economic crisis and the international flight restrictions due to the Icelandic ash cloud, which reduced the number of visitors in comparison to the last SHK MOSCOW, it was able to maintain its position as the most important trade fair for manufacturers in the sector in Russia. The exhibitors countered the adverse circumstances with creative ideas and great capacity of improvisation, for instance by taking advantage of their networks of contacts and inviting Russian sales partners to their stands.

The organisation by Messe Düsseldorf and its subsidiary Messe Düsseldorf Moscow ensured that everything ran smoothly and all of the stands were fully manned even by the time the fair opened.

In an area covering 9,200 square metres of floor space, visitors to the trade fair – predominantly engineers, plant manufacturers and operators, building planners, project managers and wholesale/retail experts – saw products and services from every renowned market and technology leader. They are the ones who will help to put the official environmental targets set by the Russian government, according to which the country’s energy consumption is to be cut by 40% by the year 2020 relative to 2007 into practice. In addition to this, the strategic targets announced by Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, plans to drastically reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Without the technology available from the international companies that met at SHK MOSCOW 2010 it will be impossible to meet these targets. This is just one reason why the exhibitors recognised this platform of expertise as their “market place of opportunities” long ago. Alongside its other benefits, SHK MOSCOW is also very popular with experts in the trade due to the fact that it is exclusively a manufacturers’ fair and is the only such event to take place in Russia to date that has successfully combined energy-efficient heating and air conditioning technology with renewable energies. This was also the topic of this year’s successful special show at SHK MOSCOW, “ENERGY EFFICIENCY@SHK MOSCOW“, which 25 companies took part in. In addition to this, SHK also stand out from other fairs in the industry held in Moscow thanks to its high proportion of trade visitors.

The exhibitors were very satisfied after the fair had come to an end, as expressed by Yevgeny Andrachnikov, President of Razional/Weishaupt Russia. “SHK MOSCOW is the most important trade fair in the field of heating technology on the Russian market“, and Mikhail Murashko, Head of the Department for Strategic Planning at Viessmann Russia explained that “the number and quality of the visitors to our stand definitely met our expectations. We are very satisfied with how the fair went and will certainly be here again for SHK moscow 2011.” Eugenia Batueva of De Dietrich Thermique as well as the exhibitors KAMPMANN and Systema RUS (Italy) also praised the good contacts to local resellers, the high quality of the visitors and the perfect organisation of the event. “A lot of experts in the trade, especially planners and engineers, came to the fair. We are very satisfied with how it went for us and plan to continue our cooperation with SHK moscow in the future.”

It is now some 15 years since SHK MOSCOW first began providing high quality technical information and a perfect opportunity for exhibitors to meet new contacts. This is where challenges are identified and individual solutions are offered, and it is an annual venue for experts to discuss these topics with long-standing business partners. SHK is backed by its long-standing associate partners ABOK (Association of Engineers for Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning, Heat Supply & Building Thermal Physics), BDH (Federal Industrial Association of Germany House, Energy and Environmental Technology) and EHI (Association of the European Heating Industry).

Technical input was provided by the accompanying technical conference “Contemporary Energy Efficient Equipment for Building Heating and Air Conditioning. Green Building Technologies”, organised by ABOK and the EHI, which attracted 400 participants (68 percent engineers, 26 percent managers and 6 percent scientists) from 10 different countries.

The next SHK moscow is scheduled to take place from 18 - 21 April 2011.

Next year will see the topic of energy efficiency feature even more prominently at SHK moscow, as demand in this area is still far from being satisfied in Russia and the interest in know-how from the West remains as great as ever. The main focus will once again be on everything to do with heating and efficient use of the available resources. Due to the fact that the subjects of heating and air conditioning are inseparable in modern building planning, SHK moscow will also feature this topic once again.

Another very important topic will be water supply and water treatment, as this remains an area where there is still room for improvement and increased environment friendliness in Russia and its neighbouring regions. Experts also view this as an area with great potential for the future for international vendors. SHK moscow 2011 will thus see a greater emphasis on perfecting the interaction of water and energy.

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