Temprite prezentuje separator oleju do zastosowań w instalacjach transkrytycznych z CO2.

The U.S.-based component manufacturer has added its R744 oil separator for transcritical CO2 applications. The product features the most efficient oil/refrigerant filtering and separation technology available.
Developed nearly three years ago, the 130 Series of coalescing oil separators is optimised for CO2 transcritical applications and it builds on the previous success of Temprite’s 920R series extensively used in subcritical applications for many years. Both series perform the dual functions of filtering dirt out of the refrigerant and oil along with separating the oil from the refrigerant gas. The 130 series presented on R744.com utilizes the most efficient oil-refrigerant filtering/separation technology available. Temprite’s technology achieves a 98.5%+ separation efficiency level across the widest range of mass flows. The high oil separation efficiency saves energy by minimizing the amount of oil in the evaporator which improves heat transfer efficiency. This translates into shorter compressor run times, thus saving energy and money – a further augmentation to an already environmentally friendly system! Furthermore, the separator design enables the filter element to be easily changed after it captures excess dirt circulating in the system.
An efficient oil-gas separation technology becomes both more important and challenging when using CO2 (R744), as the refrigerant has a higher density than conventional refrigerants. As opposed to conventional refrigerant gases, high-pressure CO2 installations might use pipes instead of thin-walled tubing for the connection lines, making a higher accumulation of dirt and hence a blockage of small-sized valves more likely. Temprite’s solution offers easy access to and replacement of the filter via the removable top plate. Individually adjustable mounting feet allow for variable field leveling and adjustment. The integral oil reservoir and sensor port enables the monitoring of the internal oil level and the controlled return of the cleaned oil to the compressor crank case for continued lubrication of the moving parts.

Basic Specifications

The main technical features of Temprite’s 130 series oil separators are:
- CE marked: complies with the European Pressure Equipment Directive, UL and ULC approved, CRN approved
- Maximum operating pressure: 130 bar
- Application range: suitable for high, medium and low temperature applications
- Efficiency: nominal 98.5%+ separation efficiency rating
- Filtration: Sub-micron particulate retention rating
- Connection sizes: 1/2" npt to 1-1/4” npt
- Integral oil reservoir with sensor port
- Mounting feet enable variable elevation and leveling compensation

About Temprite

Founded in 1924, The Temprite Company is one of the oldest companies in refrigeration and today is a premier brand name in the industry. Its products and solutions serve the commercial refrigeration, specialty, scientific and refrigerant reclaim/recovery industries. Since December 2001, all products conform to the European Pressure Directive (PED). From its manufacturing and warehouse facilities in the U.S., Japan and the UK, Temprite products may be shipped to any location in the world.

Source: www.r744.com