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24-27.05.2009 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

SAUDI AIRCON - International Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating and Refrigeration Show

Population Surge & Buoyant Economy Fuel Saudi Construction Sector Growth; Multi-Billion Saudi Riyals Projects Underway.
An economy buoyed by consistently high oil prices, and a growing population, continue to fuel record expansion in Saudi Arabia’s fast-paced construction sector. A variety of ambitious multi-billion Saudi Riyals private and public sector infrastructure and housing projects are underway or planned, to accommodate the Kingdom’s increasing population.
Get exposure to key players in the Saudi market where:
- SAR 375 billion invested in electricity sector alone.
- SAR 22.5 billion injected into housing sector.
- SAR 18.75 billion spent on hospitals and roads.
- SAR 7.5 billion allocated towards schools and universities.
- SAR 3.75 billion projected for hotel and office buildings.
Saudi Air-Conditioner Demand Pushed Up By Hot Climate, Growing Population, and Flourishing Construction Sector
Demand for cutting-edge air-conditioning, ventilation, and heating and refrigeration products is rising rapidly in Saudi Arabia, propelled by a hot climate, a thriving economy, a flourishing construction sector, and a growing population. This expanding economy translates into an exciting array of multi-billion Saudi Riyals development projects, economic cities, hotels, malls, supermarkets, business complexes, schools, and hospitals.
International investors will be flocking in unprecedented numbers to this year’s Saudi Aircon show.
Saudi Arabia boasts the biggest air-conditioning market in the world, growing at 10% annually, and the fast- paced construction sector thrives at an impressive 7%. This creates an array of lucrative investment opportunities for HVAC firms from across the world.