In the latest edition of our quarterly Guide to Greener Electronics Samsung and Toshiba share top spot. Nokia misses out on top spot due to a penalty point for inconsistent global takeback. Nintendo remains rooted to the bottom with only a tiny improvement but Microsoft and Philips both improve their scores.

The Greener Electronics Guide is our way of getting the electronics industry to face up to the problem of e-waste. We want manufacturers to get rid of harmful chemicals in their products. We want to see an end to the stories of unprotected child labourers scavenging mountains of cast-off gadgets created by society's gizmo-loving ways.
The Guide ranks top market leaders of the mobile phone, computer, TV and games console markets according to their policies and practices on toxic chemicals and takeback. Samsung and Toshiba share top spot with 7.7/10 closely followed by Nokia, Sony, Dell and Lenovo all on 7.3. Apple continues it's steady rise due to new products like the MacBook Air with less toxic chemicals helping boost Apple to 6.7.
Since the Guide was first published in August 2006, many electronics companies have vastly improved their environmental policies and practice. The leadership position has changed four times and the average score has risen significantly as the companies compete to outdo each other.