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termin: 24-27.05.2009 miejsce: Busan, South Korea

The ROOMVENT conference was initiated in 1987 by SCANVAC, the Scandinavian Federation of Heating, Ventilating and Sanitary Engineering Associations in which Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden participate. The ROOMVENT conferences had been held in Stockholm, Sweden (1987), Oslo, Norway (1990), Aalborg, Denmark (1992), Krakow, Poland (1994), Yokohama, Japan (1996), Stockholm, Sweden (1998), Reading, United Kingdom (2000), Copenhagen, Denmark (2002), Coimbra, Portugal (2004) and Helsinki, Finland (2007). The 11th conference, ROOMVENT 2009, will be held in Busan, South Korea.
The 11th ROOMVENT 2009 conference will offer scientists, consultants, engineers, architects and policy-makers a platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge and technical solutions. The conference will also provide you with the opportunity to view the state-of-the-art technologies, to interact with others from government, academia and industry, and to work together to advance the indoor environment of buildings.