REHAU, the premium worldwide brand for polymer-based innovations and systems in rehauconstruction, automotive and industry, launched its new REHAU ECOAIR™ ground-air heat exchange system in North America, which provides improved indoor air ventilation, enhanced energy efficiency and increased comfort in alignment with the fresh air requirements of tighter building envelopes.

The REHAU ECOAIR™ system, in addition to directly reducing the energy required to heat or cool incoming fresh air, also lowers relative humidity during periods of cooling, and hinders condensation from freezing in heat recovery ventilators (HRV) during the heating season by raising the outside air temperature before it enters the HRV.
“The system requires only a small amount of electrical power, and provides notable energy cost savings by reducing the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling – especially when combined with heat or energy recovery ventilators. It is possible for a ground-air heat exchange system to assist in raising intake air temperature by up to 16°F (9°C) during colder months, and reducing it by up to 30°F (14°C) in the summer,” said Scott Emery, business unit manager, civil engineering and infrastructure at REHAU.
The REHAU ECOAIR™ ground-air heat exchange system has a unique, silver particle-enabled antimicrobial inner layer that inhibits the growth of bacteria, as tested and verified by SGS Institut Fresenius in Taunusstein, Germany to ASTM Standard E 2180.
Source: Refrige