KTH the Royal Institute of Applied Thermodynamics and Refrigeration Technology have measured the performance difference between the new energy efficient Swedish flooded heat pump system and a heat pump system with current TXV technology.

The tests gave an increase in coefficient of performance (Cop) of 10%
Two identical outdoor air source TXV heat pumps 8KW R404A were run, first in parallel to check that the aggregates’ have equal energy efficiency. Then one aggregate was equipped with Bubble Expansion Valve Company Patent components.
The results showed energy efficiency improvement = +9,5 / +11,5% (Cop) and +3,5K higher evaporating temperature.
The pioneering inventions, means that the control for regulating the refrigerant is via the condensate instead of from the evaporator superheated gas. Also a new oil-return method and a new ejector pump construction for circulation of cold refrigerant fluid through the evaporator have been developed. The industrial cooling system´s technology with efficient flooded pump circulation evaporators has now been simplified and transferred to small efficient cooling systems.
The company for the energy saving technology is planned to produce Bubble Expansion Valves valves to OEM cooling sector all over the world.

Source: www.bxv.se