MANY R22 refrigerant users will be left high and dry next year according to the British Refrigeration Association (BRA).

The BRA's latest hvacr market survey reveals that current reclamation levels of R22 are running at around 10% of demand. This, the BRA maintains, will leave most R22 users short of product come 2010 especially as much of the reclaimed refrigerant already in stock is spoken for by several large concerns.
The survey, which was compiled from data submitted by all of the major refrigerant distributors on the levels of R22 being recovered and then either sent for destruction or reclaimed back to a specification suitable for reuse.
According to the latest figures, the quantity of virgin R22 sold in 2008 was close to that in the previous year and at odds with the 25% reduction predicted in the last survey based on users switching to alternatives. There was also no evidence that the rate of reclamation is increasing: R22 reclaimed in 2008 was just over 200 tonnes and similar to the volume in 2007.
The BRA has published a Fact Finder that gives the various options available to reduce the dependence of industry on R22 and other HCFCs.
The BRA Market Survey 2008 contains data on sales volume and value of equipment and components sold into the Refrigeration industry. The survey is available at special rates to members of the BRA and to contributing non-members, and is now also available to external bodies on payment of the required fee.
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