Danfoss has developed a new type of solenoid valve for oil injection in the harsh environment found in a new variable speed refrigeration compressor which uses a new type of refrigerant.

EV219A valve ensures safe injection of oil

Three years ago, Danfoss started to develop the world’s first commercial variable speed scroll compressor for air conditioning using the refrigerant R-410A. In 2006 this refrigerant was relatively new and Danfoss set out to develop a new plug-in valve to ensure safe injection of oil into the compressor to lubricate moving parts.
Two years later, in 2008 the product was introduced to the US market under the name Apexx VSH series. VSH compressors offer greater comfort as a result of tighter temperature control and the ability to cool or heat rapidly on demand by instantly increasing speed. There is significant noise reduction, particularly at part-load conditions, and the Danfoss VSH compressor can exceed 20% in energy savings compared to conventional systems.
In a scroll compressor, oil is mixed with refrigerants, so the task was to make a valve that could withstand this harsh environment. The team of developers tested and chose a special mix in the rubber for the sealing and this made all the difference.
The EV219A plug-in valve performs with this fluid mixture.
The EV219A valve is not only intended for compressor applications, but can be built into every valve housing which needs an actuator. Danfoss can produce value-added designs for a wide range of applications including refrigerant.
For the US market, Danfoss has acquired an UL-approval for the valve EV219A.
Source: http://www.danfoss.com/NewsAndEvents/News/New-Plug-in-Valve-all-set-for-new-Types-of-Refrigerants/870D446C-2BF5-422E-9341-A997F53EE332.html