Transport and storage costs amount to a significant cost element with regard to building projects. With the new plenum box FLEXTRO for air diffusers TROX is helping to reduce these costs.

New flexible plenum box – Reducing costs with FLEXTRO
The type FLEXTRO flexible plenum boxes are characterised by their innovative design, which combines aerodynamic function and easy handling in the best possible way. They provide a high degree of architectural flexibility as they can be fitted with a wide variety of different ceiling diffusers and integrated into any type of ceiling system.

With their highly compact packaging volume and low transport weight, they reduce the effort for logistics and storage and guarantee fast and simple installation into grid, plaster, or profiled ceilings.

The unique shape and a newly developed air distribution element provide particularly efficient air discharge and a uniform air flow through the diffuser. This results in an even air distribution within the room. A spigot with double lip seal provides a low leakage connection to the ductwork and an acoustically optimised damper simplifies commissioning.

Technical data:
- For circular and square air diffusers
- For supply and exhaust air
- Sizes: Circular: 400 mm, 600 mm air diffusers; Square: 600 mm, 625 mm air diffusers.

Flexible plenum box FLEXTRO with a ceiling swirl diffuserFlexible plenum box FLEXTRO as delivered it provides up to 60% lower transport and storage volume and up to 50% weight saving

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