Daikin Europe N.V. announces the introduction of the EWAD~CZ air-cooled inverter chiller range with the highest ESEER in the market – up to 6* – making it an extremely cost-effective solution for use in comfort and other applications where a top level chiller in terms of performance and reliability is needed.

New Daikin air-cooled inverter chiller boasts ESEER up to 6*

Highest partial load efficiency: ESEER up to 6*
The use of inverter driven screw compressors in the EWAD~CZ range allows the units to achieve the highest partial load efficiency scores in their class (ESEER up to 6*), making it ideal for systems with variable load requirements such as comfort applications. The high partial load efficiency of these solutions allows substantially reduced CO2 emissions and decreased annual operating costs, hence much quicker system payback times.
The use of inverter technology also contributes to quieter sound levels and precise chiller water temperatures, as well as lower starting current requirements, optimum power factors (always above 0.95), a reduction of water tanks for the hydraulic system and increased reliability thanks to fewer compressor start-ups and shut downs.

Innovative technology
Inverter control is complemented by a host of other advanced features such as a patented single screw compressor, and ultra efficient fans with a patented blade profile for quiet operation. Moreover, the Microtech III controller allows easy control of parameters, and a wide range of system integration solutions are supported including LonWorks and BACnet.

Wide range of options
The Daikin EWAD~CZ units operate in ambient temperatures from -18°C to +50°C, with leaving water temperatures from -8°C to +15°C. The new range is available in standard, low and reduced sound models and the extensive list of options includes heat recovery and fan speed regulation (which results in an ESEER up to 6*).
The addition of the new range makes the Daikin Europe N.V. screw inverter chiller portfolio the largest in the market. The new EWAD~CZ range fills in the top of the segment with capacities from 635 kW to 1.800 kW, the highest cooling capacity available in this market today.

For more information on Daikin Europe N.V.’s complete line of chiller solutions for industrial and comfort applications, visit www.daikin.eu.

*with optional fan speed regulation