CAREL INDUSTRIES S.r.l., a new company for the Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Humidification sector initiated by CAREL S.p.A., will have operating, industrial and commercial functions. The spin-off of the new company has been effective since the 1 May 2009, and involves the transfer of brands, patents, human resources and all current relationships with customers and suppliers and all other market references to the new company, CAREL INDUSTRIES S.r.l.

The parent company, CAREL S.p.A., retains ownership of assets and the group companies (EuroTest Laboratories S.r.l., Samos S.r.l., RemoteValue S.r.l.), as well as having 100% ownership of CAREL INDUSTRIES S.r.l.. The new company, takes over from CAREL S.p.A. as regards control of all other Group operating companies (CAREL Applico, CAREL Asia, CAREL Australia, CAREL China, CAREL Deutschland, CAREL France, CAREL Iberica, CAREL India, CAREL South Africa, CAREL Sud America, CAREL UK, CAREL USA), and focus its energy exclusively on CAREL’s core business, that is, the Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Humidification market.
“This operation represents an important step for CAREL globally”, declared Luigi Nalini, CAREL S.p.A. CEO. “We are certain that this reorganisation will help the Group develop further. Indeed”, Nalini added, “CAREL now has the chance to grasp new market opportunities, diversifying completely from its core business - the area that CAREL INDUSTRIES will focus on - and further optimising its commercial and operational management”.