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Paradies, Schaffhausen

eurammon information event 2012 – Strong with natural refrigerants

3rd lecture day of the European initiative for natural refrigerants in Switzerland

Frankfurt, April 25th 2012

– “Natural Refrigerants – Growing strong, acting smart, moving forward”. This is the focus of the 3rd information event organised by eurammon, the European initiative for natural refrigerants on the financial and ecological benefits of natural refrigerants, which will take place on 22 June 2012 in Paradies, Schaffhausen (near Zurich). During the symposium which is being held in English, eurammon will be informing end-users, planners, system engineers and other interested parties about successful application examples for natural refrigerants. This year's event will be focussing in particular on solutions for supermarket refrigeration and the food industry. There will also be presentations on the use of natural refrigerants outside Europe, illustrated by developments and trends in the Middle East region, especially in the GCC countries.

"The interest in natural refrigerants has grown constantly in recent years – driven not least by global warming and increasing demands made in terms of environmental protection, as well as cutting costs and saving energy. The end-users day offers an opportunity to obtain information in this context. Among others, it shows how companies go about specifically integrating refrigeration technology in their environmental policy, planning and implementing applications with natural refrigerants", says Mark Bulmer, member of the eurammon Board. "We want to create an opportunity for top-level exchange between end-users, planners, system engineers and other interested parties. Pointing out the energy efficiency and environmental compatibility of applications with natural refrigerants shows that investment along these lines is worthwhile".

The participation also includes a get-together on the evening before the event, on 21 June, as an opportunity to get to know one another and share professional experience. The event folder including the registration form is available with immediate effect for downloading on eurammon will gladly answer any questions about the event: The attendance fee amounts to €250.00.

Natural Refrigerants: Growing strong, acting smart, moving forward
eurammon information event
Friday, June 22nd 2012
10:00 –18:00

Klostergut Paradies
Klostergutstrasse 4
Paradies, Schaffhausen
CH-8252 Schlatt (bei Zürich)
Tel.: +41 (0)52 631 27 27

B Surendar, Climate Control Middle East magazine
“Developments and trends related to natural refrigerants in the GCC”

Carlos de Ceballos, Apina refrigeration and new energy resources
“Turbine Inlet Air Cooling with natural refrigerants in the Middle East”

John Skelton, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd.
“Refrigeration and Sainsbury's 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan – 100 CO2 Stores and Counting”

Hans Balatka, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund
“The strategy of refrigerant at Migros and its practical appliance”

Dr. Josef Riha, thermofin GmbH
“Supermarket thermal management with propane”

Albrecht Höpfer, Bitzer Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH
Conrad-Cornelius Moeller, TEKO Gesellschaft für Kältetechnik mbH
“The application of natural refrigerants in supermarket systems”

Janos Winter, QPlan Cooling Technical Design and Services Co. Ltd.
“Energy-efficient supermarket refrigeration with NH3/CO2 cascades”

Karl Huber, HKT – Huber-Kälte-Technik GmbH
„Brewery refrigeration for smaller capacities with R 723“

Raymond Burri, Felix Burger, Norbert Heinemann, Walter Wettstein AG Kältetechnik
„Combined cooling and heating for different temperature levels – Integrated thermal energy production system in a food production plant“

About eurammon
eurammon is a joint European initiative of companies, institutions and individuals who advocate an increased use of natural refrigerants. As a knowledge pool for the use of natural refrigerants in refrigeration engineering, the initiative sees as its mandate the creation of a platform for information sharing and the promotion of public awareness and acceptance of natural refrigerants. The objective is to promote the use of natural refrigerants in the interest of a healthy environment, and thereby encourage a sustainable approach in refrigeration engineering. eurammon provides comprehensive information about all aspects of natural refrigerants to experts, politicians and the public at large. It serves as a qualified contact for anyone interested in the subject. Users and designers of refrigeration projects can turn to eurammon for specific project experience and extensive information, as well as for advice on all matters of planning, licensing and operating refrigeration plants. The initiative was set up in 1996 and is open to European companies and institutions with a vested interest in natural refrigerants, as well as to individuals e.g. scientists and researchers.
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