Grupa Midea, jeden z największych producentów klimatyzatorów w Chinach i Toshiba Carrier, czołowy producent klimatyzatorów w Japonii, podpisały umowę o wspólnym rozwoju klimatyzatorów w technologii inwerterowej. Zhang Quan, prezes Midea Central Air-Conditioner Division i Kaoru Okoma, Dyrektor Zarządzający firmy Toshiba Carrier, uczestniczyli w ceremonii podpisania umowy, która odbyła się w dniu 20 listopada 2008 w Shunde (Prowincja Guangdong), w siedzibie Grupy Midea.

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Midea and Toshiba Carrier Jointly Develop Inverter Acs

Midea Group, one of the largest air conditioner manufacturers in China, and Toshiba Carrier, a leading air conditioner manufacturer in Japan, signed a contract for the joint development of inverter type light commercial air conditioners. Zhang Quan, President of Midea Central Air-Conditioner Division, and Kaoru Okoma, Business Executive Director of Toshiba Carrier, attended the contract signing ceremony held on November 20, 2008 at Shunde, Guangdong Province, the headquarters of Midea Group.
This marks the third collaboration between the two companies: the first in 1999 and second in 2004. According to the newly signed contract, Toshiba Carrier will provide Midea with next generation R410A DC inverter technology.
Both Midea and Toshiba Carrier believe that they have established a good foundation for cooperation, and the new agreement is expected to not only help Midea Central Air-Conditioner Division to improve its products, but also promote the application and development of the world-leading R410A DC inverter technologies throughout China. According to both companies, the new cooperation is not simply the introduction of new technologies: Toshiba Carrier will provide Midea a set of complete technical solutions to support Midea in the development of highly-efficient DC inverter systems.
Toshiba Carrier is a company famous for technical innovations. It is in a leading position in almost all stages of the life cycle of DC inverter products, including R&D, production, and quality control. All this expertise should help Midea to improve its core competence in the global market.
Midea has been developing its own DC inverter technologies for a long time. In 2006, the company successfully produced DC inverter commercial air conditioners, which were sold to the EU. “Through cooperation with world-leading companies, we can rapidly strengthen our R&D,” said Zhang Quan. “The strategic cooperation with Toshiba Carrier this time is based on a long time cooperation between the two companies, and we hope it will be one that is win-win for both companies.
We also hope that we can find a way suitable for the Chinese companies to increase their development speed.”
Although neither Midea nor Toshiba Carrier revealed the details of the cooperation, many industry insiders believe that Toshiba Carrier will develop DC inverter products, including DC inverter compressors or even DC inverter control systems, together with the Midea Central Air-Conditioner Division.
Toshiba Carrier and Midea have shared a wide range of collaborative efforts for many years. They have a joint venture for compressor production in Shunde, and they have also cooperated on room air conditioner (RAC) production. The cooperation on inverter light commercial products this time is very important for Midea to improve its technology of light commercial system production.
Carrier, one of the parent companies of Toshiba Carrier, and Midea founded a joint venture in July 2008 to primarily manufacture RACs. Only a few months later, Midea Central Air-Conditioner Division and Toshiba Carrier joined forces once again in the production of inverter light commercial products. The cooperation among the three companies is expected to definitely form a powerful alliance that combines the technologies, markets, and product lineups of the three companies and make them stand at respectively favorable positions in the intensely competitive global HVAC&R market.

Midea Central Air-Conditioner Division
Midea Central Air-Conditioner Division began its business in the commercial air conditioner market in 1999, and it has been maintaining a high development speed ever since its foundation. The company adheres to development through introduction of world-leading technologies and by independent development. Cooperation with Toshiba Carrier began in April 1999, the very month of the foundation of the company. The result was the first inverter VRF system produced in China. In 2002, it cooperated with Emerson Climate Technologies to produce its MDV series digital scroll VRF systems. In 2004, it cooperated with Toshiba Carrier again by selling 20% of its shares to the company. After several years of development, the Midea Central Air-Conditioner Division already has the ability to produce centrifugal chillers, screw chillers, VRF systems, unitary air conditioners, and similar air conditioning equipment. Midea products were selected in the T3 station building of Beijing International Airport and World Expo Shanghai 2010.
Toshiba Carrier
Founded in 1999, Toshiba Carrier is a joint venture of Carrirer, the largest HVAC&R manufacturer throughout the world, and Toshiba, one of the most prestigious companies in Japan. Toshiba Carrier combines Toshiba’s excellence in compact air conditioners and Carrier’s prowess in upscale air-conditioning equipment and refrigeration to integrate worldwide product-development, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities.