With the introduction of the new metal fi lter range for side channel blowers, Elektror now offers a compact and cost-effective but nevertheless high quality alternative to the tried and tested fi ne fi lter range.

Metal filters for side channel blowers
Metalfilters prevent foreign particles from being sucked into the side channel blowers and thus protect not only the device but also the subsequent plant processes from undesired contamination. Instead of the paper fi lter cartridges used in the fine filters, the metal filters use fi ne wire mesh with a mesh width of 90 μm to remove the dust and fluff carried in the air stream.
As the particles collect on the outer surface of the cylinder, it is possible to check the degree of contamination with the naked eye. Cleaning is simple and can be carried out unproblematically as required. The fi lter can either be cleaned from the outside by hand or, if a more intensive clean is required, unscrewed and thoroughly blown clean from the inside out using a blow gun.
All steel parts of the fi lter are galvanised and designed for resistance and durability. The special design reduces air resistance and minimises pressure loss at the fi lter. Due to the type of construction, the metal fi lter range is ideally suited to extreme ambient conditions and has an impressively negligible effect on output.

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