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LIGHT + BUILDING - International Trade Fair for Architecture and Technology

Light+Building presents trends for the home in 2010/11
- Trend forum with four thematic home settings: Gentle Ease, Contemporary Classic, Creative Verve and Advanced Purism
- Orientation and inspiration for specialist dealers, architects and designers

A major attraction at Light+Building 2010 will be created by a trend forum. An exclusive feature of the world's leading trade fair for architecture and technology from 11 to 16 April in Frankfurt am Main, in the Foyer between Halls 5.1 and 6.1, it will allow people to experience the trends for the home in 2010/2011. "Gentle Ease", "Contemporary Classic", "Creative Verve" and "Advanced Purism" are the names of the four strong themes, which will each be presented in its own lifestyle setting to provide orientation and inspiration for specialist wholesalers and retailers, architects, interior architects and designers. "Light+Building is the world's largest forum for innovation in the sector. Here visitors can discover all the latest products where technology meets architecture. In conjunction with that, we are also offering a trend forum at Light+Building 2010 with the most important trends for the home in the coming season," says Dr. Michael Peters, Member of the Board of Management of Messe Frankfurt.

On behalf of Messe Frankfurt, internationally acclaimed design consultants bora.herke of Frankfurt and Berlin have, in their quest for the trends of 2010/2011, analysed the many and varied currents and influences and arranged them into themes. These are derived from areas that include fashion, art, exhibitions, trade fairs and publications.
"Running through all four styles, we perceive a growing awareness among consumers, as far as trends in the home are concerned, of lasting values, quality, individuality, credibility, emotional appeal and a desire to concentrate on the essentials," explains designer Claudia Herke who, with colleagues Cem Bora and Annette Palmisano, has filtered out and identified the trends. Significantly, this is leading to a changing pattern of consumer behaviour.
The following styles, presented in thematic settings for the home, can be seen on all six days of Light+Building.

Gentle Ease
Gentle Ease stands for an unpretentious, self-confident style with subtle contrasts in materials and a light, easy-going and natural approach to styling. Designs are clear and reductionist, with a predominance of natural materials, and are enlivened by delicate minimalistic patterns that draw their inspiration from nature. Cool clarity, subtle natural allusion and an impressive simplicity have become the keynotes of this style. Design that is sensitive to every-day needs, beguilingly simple ideas and unconvential use of materials are the hallmarks of Gentle Ease. Wood, with an elegant, clear finish has a central role to play. There is also a less distinct, misty, diffuse, wintery light that provides a dialogue with the cool clarity of this scenario, a filtered light with a softening effect.

Contemporary Classic
In Contemporary Classic, nostalgic reminiscences of design classics and a timeless aesthetic meet a contemporary feel and modern clarity. The trend combines quality and tradition: this means the use of high-quality materials, top-quality, perfect workmanship with unostentatious, timeless design and understated luxury. Modern classicism as reflected in the Contemporary Classic setting at Light+Building involves warm, sensual mood lighting, which brings out the full beauty of the fine materials used, with top-quality hardwoods, varnishes, marble, leather, metallic touches in gold, bronze and nickel as well as stone effects and generally interesting surfaces.

Creative Verve
Creative Verve is an open, spontaneous style which loves experimentation and improvisation, provides a touch of individuality, and uses retro features as a light-hearted counter-balance for the high-tech influences. This trend combines unconventional and original lighting designs in an uncomplicated, youthful concept for interiors. Creative ideas, "shabby chic", hand-made features, hints of traditional folk art and vintage styles make for a wide spectrum of styles and offer a multitude of possibilities for individual interpretations of spaces.

Advanced Purism
Futuristic design approaches and progressive use of materials are the hallmarks of Advanced Purism: the style unites iridescence and incorporeality, coolness and metallic effects, as well as a shiny, futuristic purism. The designs often seem to echo models in biology and the cosmos. In spite of their ultramodern aesthetic and their purist, high-tech character, they appear extremely poetic and sensitive. In this life-style setting at the leading international fair, visitors enjoy objects and designs with fluid shapes, experience a virtual aesthetic in an unusual stylistic context which has an architectural, organic, functional effect that does not, however, lack sensitivity. Polygons, lattice structures and geometrical shapes are equally acceptable here, as are iridescent reflections and the superimposition of foils and optical kinesis. Chrome, silver, aluminium, polished or ultrafine ceramic surfaces are key features of the style.

Final report Light+Building 2008 (Apr 11, 2008)
Sensational success: more than 165,000 trade visitors at Light+Building 2008
A leap in the number of international visitors to 66,000
The installation trade once again the biggest single group of pro-fessionals with over 40,000 visitors
The 5th Light+Building in Frankfurt am Main closed its doors on 11 April after setting a sensational trade-fair record. More than 165,000 visitors (2006: 135,000) came to the international trade fair for archi-tecture and technology to see the vast range of products and services for the fields of lighting, electrical engineering and house and building automation presented by 2,173 exhibitors. Compared to the last Light+Building two years ago, this represents a huge leap of 22 per-cent. The largest single group of visitors - over 40,000 of them - came from the installation trade. Also well represented were, in addi-tion to the trade and industry, architects, lighting planners and engi-neers. The level of internationality at the fair also rose significantly with 40 percent of visitors coming from outside Germany (2006: 34 percent). Altogether, approx. 66,000 international trade visitors made their way to Frankfurt am Main and thus contributed to a record result that exceeded by far the already positive expectations based on the larger number of exhibitors (2006: 2,139), the greater area oc-cupied and longer duration of the fair (extended from five to six days).
"Light+Building 2008 has set a series of records that are unmatched in the history of trade fairs. Following its launch in 2000, Light+Building has developed within the space of just five events into the world's leading trade fair for its sector. This is where international manufacturers launch their new products, technologies and design developments. And only in Frankfurt can visitors obtain such a com-prehensive overview of the market for lighting, electrical engineering and building automation. Over 165,000 visitors and another double-digit increase after 2006 provide impressive evidence of a highly suc-cessful trade-fair concept and a close working relationship between all partners", said Dr. Michael Peters, Member of the Board of Man-agement of Messe Frankfurt.
The number of German visitors also rose - by around seven percent. After Germany, the five leading visitor nations at Light+Building were Italy, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain and France. Significant increases in visitor numbers were also registered from North and South America and Asia.
A high level of satisfaction was to be seen on both the exhibitor and visitor sides: 84 percent of Light+Building exhibitors said they had achieved their goals for the fair (2006: 82 percent). As at the previous event, 97 percent of visitors were pleased with the range of products and services at Light+Building. The average length of time spent at the fair also rose, from 1.8 to 1.9 days.
The extremely positive signals generated by Light+Building 2008 are also in line with an optimistic view of business in the coming months. 44 percent of visitors regard the outlook as good. In 2006, only 29 percent had such a positive perspective - an attitude that applies equally to both German and foreign visitors for the first time in many years.
The industry is also taking a significantly more positive view of the future: 39 percent of all exhibitors consider the current economic situation to be good (2006: 31 percent) whereby German exhibitors are particularly optimistic: 53 percent rate the current business situa-tion as being good compared to 34 percent in 2006. 33 percent of in-ternational manufacturers share this outlook (2006: 29 percent).
Overall, the visitor structure remains unchanged in relation to Light+Building 2006 and this also applies to the interest of decision makers in the spectrum to be seen at the fair. 50 percent of visitors said their primary interest (multiple answers were possible) was in technical lighting, lamps, components and accessories; 49 percent said it was in electrical engineering, 37 percent in house and building automation and a third in the range of decorative luminaires and ac-cessories.
The Chief Executives of the trade associations of the Central Asso-ciation of the German Electrical and Electronic Engineering Industry (Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie - ZVEI) for the lighting and installation technology sectors, Dr. Jürgen Waldorf and Dr. Reinhard Hund, agree: "This year's Light+Building has been a complete success for exhibitors, associations, Messe Frankfurt and, of course, visitors. The ZVEI exhibitors are extremely pleased with the course of business at the fair. Extending Light+Building as sug-gested by the ZVEI has paid off with a further significant increase in the number - and quality - of visitors. The main theme of the fair, 'energy efficiency', was not only supported wholeheartedly by the ZVEI but also taken up and brought to life by the exhibitors. For ex-ample, exhibitors in the lighting segment presented a huge variety of energy-saving lighting solutions together with the necessary control systems. And, at the same time, they cleverly combined design with technology. LED lighting was to be seen at almost every exhibition stand. New products were shown on well-designed stands. Thanks to intelligent bus systems, installation technology can minimise the en-ergy requirements of whole buildings. Therefore, taking part is highly worthwhile for all, both exhibitors and visitors. The positive mood leaves no doubt that the boom in the sector is likely to continue."
Walter Tschischka, President of the General Association of the Ger-man Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Trade (Zen-tralverband der Deutschen Elektro- und Informationstechnischen Handwerke - ZVEH): "Electrical engineering is booming. And Light+Building 2008 left no doubt about it! One in four of the 165,000 international and German trade visitors came from the installation trade. Light+Building 2008 broke all records for the electrical engi-neering and information technology trade. Never before have we wel-comed so many visitors to our joint stand. The mood at the fair re-flected the situation in the sector precisely. The 'Intelligent House of the Present' special show was given top ratings by trade visitors. As did the around 400 architects and planners who took part in the Archi-tects' Forum of the Building Performance Congress."
Werner Ueberrhein, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Automa-tion + Management for House and Building Trade Association of the Association of German Machine and Plant Manufacturers (Verband Deutscher Maschinen und Anlagenbau - VDMA): "The level of in-ternationality on the exhibitor side of Light+Building 2008 was signifi-cantly higher than before. Compared to the last event, there was also a large increase in the number of visitors from outside Germany. All in all, visitor quality was good. Discussions during the fair showed that visitors are giving greater consideration to the subject of energy effi-ciency, that they are taking a holistic perspective and not just seeing the products in isolation. Moreover, energy efficiency, the motto of this year's fair, was clearly to be seen in the field of house and build-ing automation with increased building efficiency, energy saving and reducing CO2 emissions being the main aspects covered."
The spectrum of products and services presented at the world's lead-ing trade fair for architecture and technology was supplemented by a variety of events including Fireprotec - Trade Exhibition for Preven-tive Fire Protection - and the Building Law & Fire Protection Sympo-sium of Ziller A.S.S, both of which were held for the first time parallel to Light+Building. A new concept distinguished this year's ACS, Computer Systems in the Architecture, Construction and Engineering Industry, which is organised in cooperation with the Chamber of Ar-chitects and Town Planners of the German State of Hesse (Architek-ten- und Stadtplanerkammer Hessen - AKH). Visitors welcomed the combination of trade exhibition and ACS Forum at the same time and place. Lydia Suhrborg of the Chamber of Architects and Town Plan-ners of the German State of Hesse, said, "The new concept of ACS was a complete success. Holding the exhibition and lecture forum to-gether proved very popular with both visitors and exhibitors. In addi-tion to holding talks with the companies represented, visitors also took the opportunity to attend the lectures at the ACS Forum. Good use was made of the complementary programme of Light+Building. All-in-all, we had a better ACS this year than in 2006."
Around 900 visitors took part in the Building Performance Congress, the heart of the extensive complementary programme of Light+Building. Offered for the first time at Light+Building, the Trend Forum at which stylists bora.herka presented the home trends for 2008/2009 in home scenarios, also proved to be very popular.
After Light+Building closed its doors for the day, trade visitors and members of the public had the chance to enjoy Luminale 08, a high-light that transformed Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region into fasci-nating worlds of light. Altogether, over 100,000 people from all over the world saw the 220-plus lighting events and over 180 events on the subjects of lighting design, lighting art and urbanism in Frankfurt and the surrounding area.
The next Light and Building will be held in Frankfurt am Main from 11 to 16 April 2010 in Frankfurt am Main.