LG and Toshiba recently disclosed that they have entered the UK domestic heat pump market.

LG and Toshiba Enter Domestic Heat Pump Market
The two of the world’s largest household appliances manufacturers have launched their own products into the fast growing market.

LG has launched its air-to-water heat pump Therma V, which will be marketed in the UK starting from spring this year. The company declared the new heat pump would cut greenhouse gas emissions by 90%.

"We believe air-to-water heat pumps could turn the UK domestic and commercial heating markets on their head and we are confident that the anticipation for this product will translate into healthy sales," stated Paul Hopkins, general manager, LG Air Conditioning UK. LG's products complement Toshiba Carrier UK's ESTIA air-to-water heat pump (COP 4.66) and the XP heat pump that were released by the end of January 2010.

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