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Intersolar Europe Conference 2012

Anyone planning to attend Intersolar Europe 2012 should consider arriving two days before the actual exhibition begins. The four-day program of the Intersolar Europe Conference starts on June 11 and covers both research findings and practical experiences. The international experts which make up the program committee ensure the high quality of the presentations. In addition to the conference committee for photovoltaics and solar thermal technologies, this year sees, for the first time, a committee for PV production technologies led by Dr. Peter Fath, the Technical Director of Centrotherm Photovoltaics AG and Chairman of VDMA Photovoltaic Equipment.

At last year’s conference, more than 400 experts shared information about current industry topics during lecture sessions, seminars, workshops and side events. 2,534 attendees (including those participating in the side events) from over 50 nations took part in the conference and subsequently expressed their satisfaction with the program. Four out of five conference attendees awarded the events they participated in the two highest ratings.

In response to this success, this year, the organizers have extended the program. The Intersolar Europe Conference 2012 places particular emphasis on photovoltaic power plants, energy storage devices and the structural changes the energy industry is undergoing. The speakers highlight the most recent technological developments of large PV power plants. Additional topics include managing project development, quality control and financing projects in the current climate of the financial markets. Presentations on power storage introduce various battery technologies and their respective areas of application. A dedicated session focuses on the short-, medium- and long-term storage of electricity, including power-to-gas and hydrogen-based processes. During a panel discussion, attendees have the opportunity to debate the technical applications for decentralized storage systems in comparison with centralized systems. The executive board members of leading international photovoltaic companies are invited to a further panel discussion on the state of the global markets. You can find the full program of the Intersolar Europe Conference >>here.