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termin: 18-19.10.2007 miejsce: Tarragona, Spain

Little by little, solar energy for air-conditioning applications is being incorporated by owners of buildings and architects into their new designs and plans. The devastating effects of climatic change, the high price of and need for energy in Europe—energy that is increasingly limited—together with a greater awareness of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies is leading all the actors involved in the building sector to commit themselves to the use of clean technologies.
The use of solar air-conditioning systems is still extremely limited and a long way from what would be desirable. Recently, the European Parliament has agreed to ask the European Commission to draft a European Directive to Promote Renewable Heating and Cooling. We trust that in the near future these technologies will fully develop and consolidate as an alternative to conventional technology particularly as far as cost and reliability are concerned.
The two-day programme for this conference will comprise of:
- Invited lectures
- Oral presentations
- Posters