In 2008, Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its German branch. Good reason to invite you on a small time trip through the last three decades.

"What was level of technology at
that time and what is state-ofthe-
art today?" We have posed
this question to the nine divisions
which are now located
in Germany: Air Conditioning,
Automotive, Electronic Visual
Systems, Industrial Automation,
Mechatronics CNC, Mechatronics
EDM, Photovoltaik, Semiconductor
and the EMC Competence Center, an accredited test laboratory.
The result is an interesting
piece of technological history.
And the sure knowledge that
nothing is as constant as change
at Mitsubishi Electric. We continue
to be committed to a successful
future with progress and
growth – focused on top technology,
but always with an eye
on man and the environment.
A typical example of this selfobligation
is the semiconductor
technology developed by
Mitsubishi Electric which, among
other things, is used in wind and
solar energy systems. The production and use of renewable
energies represents one of the
central themes for the company.
Right in line with our corporate
philosophy: "Changes for the
Wishing you lots of fun reading

Your Mitsubishi Electric Team