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termin: 15-17.10.2007 miejsce: Maryland, USA

Conference Themes:
The focus of ASHRAE's IAQ 2007 Conference will be healthy and sustainable commercial buildings, institutional buildings, and homes. Themes will be addressed through exploration of the following questions:
- What IAQ factors and conditions contribute to making a building healthy and sustainable?
- How can we create healthy and sustainable buildings through design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance?
- What metrics and tools can be used to quantify the degree to which a building is healthy and sustainable?
- How do building systems, especially mechanical systems, contribute to healthy and sustainable buildings?
- How should building IAQ be 'certified' as healthy and sustainable?
- How well do buildings designed to be healthy and sustainable actually perform?
- What are the costs and benefits of good IAQ in healthy and sustainable buildings?
- What government and private sector programs and initiatives exist or are proposed for healthy and sustainable buildings?
- How well are the existing programs working?