New advances in HVAC technology bring a new green chemistry approach to purify the air indoors with nanotechnology and ultraviolet germicidal lights in the air duct.

Orland Park, Illinois based CaluTech UV Lights today released its new Patent Pending line of ventilation mounted HVAC UV air purifiers ( The new version of the CaluTech's ultraviolet light air purification systems effectively sterilize passing air in the air ducts as it is circulated through the homes an average 40 to 75 times per day when heating or air conditioning is in use, or when the HVAC system's fan is manually turned on. In addition these UV air sterilizing systems keep cooling coils clean, killing mold and bacteria on condenser coils that are commonly infested with these pathogens that later become airborne, traveling through air ducts and into rooms. Those with allergies have noticed overnight results from the use of the CaluTech UV air products. The product effectively eliminates living organisms such as airborne viruses, bacteria and mold including the common flu virus, and even MRSA & Tuberculosis. Now with the addition of the "OxyCat Sleeve" these UV light air purifiers have a second method of air purification, among the most advanced. Similar to its predecessor, Snapcat, the new technology is geared towards the reduction of chemicals in the home, commonly called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), through a process known as Photocatalytic oxidation, similar to photosynthesis in plants or a catalytic converter on an automobile, by absorbing compounds and gases such as carbon monoxide and converting them into carbon dioxide. By using a Patent Pending UV & heat safe sleeve, transparent to light, as a catalyst CaluTech has successfully developed what is believed to be the most advanced ultraviolet germicidal disinfection system ever made available for the HVAC industry and the do-it-yourself homeowner.
Although the process of Photocatalytic oxidation is not new technology, this new method is highly advanced in the air purification field. Traditionally a catalyst is placed near UV light which activates its coating, a UV reactive semi-conductor. CaluTech's method creates a larger reaction to the old method by attaching a light transparent sleeve around the UV light source where the photocatalyst is directly exposed, as close to the UV light source as it possibly can be, yet allowing the UV light to pass through. In addition, the sleeve literally insulates the UV bulb which keeps it at an optimal operating temperature, even under colder temperatures caused by the use of air conditioning. More information about the process and its benefits can be obtained from their 'Online Shop' which allows orders to be placed 24 hours a day.