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Riga, Latvia

HOUSE I 2011 - MAJA I 2011

HOUSE I - International Building Industry Trade Fair
The 25th international building industry trade fair House I 2011 takes place from 17 to 20 March 2011. House I is the major building industry trade fair in the Baltic countries that provides a survey about development trends in the building industry today, new technologies and their application, as well as facilitates direct contacts between professionals of the building industry and connected branches with end-consumers in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Old and New Europe, Russia and other regions.

Sectors and product groups:
Planning, construction, preservation;
Building structures, components;
Primary building materials, finishing materials, intermediates
Communal, civil and road building structures;
Home design;
Building tools and machinery;
Heat supply;
Ventilation and air conditioning;
Room cleaning, hygienic and occupational safety means;
Unions, institutions, chambers, publishers, associations;
Real estate, investment and financial services;
Security and alarm systems.

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