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11-15.03.2009 Riga, Latvia

HOUSE I - International Building Industry Trade Fair
The traditional international building industry trade fair "House I" will be held on 11-15 March 2009 in order to provide opportunities for learning about modern construction development trends, development and use of technologies, as well as to encourage a direct dialogue between the professionals from the building and related industries and the end-consumers in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the new and old Europe, Russia and other regions.
Visitors attend the exhibition for several reasons: professionals are interested in the exhibition spectrum, novelties, and meeting colleagues, competitors and clients; the general public seeks solutions to relevant problems and advice from professionals. In order to enable exhibitors to meet the diverse needs of visitors, the "House I" exhibition is divided: there will be a special programme for professionals and a different programme - for the general public.
The "House I" trade fair is organised by the International Exhibition Centre BT1 in cooperation with the Latvian Association of Building Materials Producers, Latvian Building Materials Traders Association, Association of Latvian Window and Door Manufacturers, Building Department of the Ministry of Economy, Latvian Investment and Development Agency, and the Latvian Real Estate Association LANĪDA.