After sparking high interest in their newly developed large scale heat pumps at last year’s trade fair Chillventa, thermea. is now adding its CO2 high temperature model “thermea. HHS 1000” to The heat pump features highest performance while saving up to 50% of energy costs.

thermea's HHS 1000 heat pump model can achieve a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 7.0 for both heating and chilling combined, and an COP of 4.5 for heating only. This makes it a highly efficient tool for simple heating but also for drying processes and preheating processes in industrial applications, such as large hospitals. Besides using the environmentally friendly working fluid CO2, it features a high heat capacity of up to 4.0 MW, a potential flowing temperature of up to 80°C and a maximum energetic efficiency. HHS 1000 is hence an optimal choice for the recovery of industrial waste heat of low temperatures and thermal coupling in industrial environments. By further development higher temperatures up to 130 °C will be reached.
The thermea. heat pump comes into play whenever an industry requires process heat which is normally generated through the application of fossil fuels. Instead of wasting energy by discharging the remaining heat through expensive cooling towers, the HHS 1000 model creates valuable reusable heat. As a results, it is highly cost efficient through the use of waste heat, reduced operating costs , and by making both exhaust-gas systems and fuel storage unnecessary.
At last year’s trade show Chillventa, thermea’s newly developed heat pump model attracted high interest from European and Asian experts looking for high-performance heating in large-scale applications. It is the result of more than 30 years of experience combined in the field of cooling and heat pump technology thermea. can build on.

Basic Specifications

Main features of thermea. HHS 1000 are:
Design: screw compressor
Heat output: 750 to 4000 kW
Outlet temperature: up to 80°C
Temperature of heat source: approx. 8 to 35°C
COP heating: max. 4.5
COP heating and chilling service: max 7.0
Dimensions: 5,500 x 3,300 x 2,800mm

About thermea

The thermea. Energiesysteme GmbH, founded in March 2008, belongs to the bw-energiesysteme group. The team has more than 30 years of experience in the field of plant engineering and energy management. thermea. offers the complete services range of consulting, planning, financing, delivery and assembling.