GEA Refrigeration continues to extend food freezing business.

Bochum‘s-Hertogenbosch, February 3, 2009 – GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft acquires the second company in 2009 within its Refrigeration Division by taking over Intec USA, a leading supplier of carton freezing and chilling systems headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, USA. In 2008, Intec generated sales of approximately EUR 8 million with a workforce of about 20 employees.
The acquisition took effect on January 30, 2009.
The acquisition of Intec emphasizes the strategy of GEA Refrigeration to acquire companies which complement GEA Refrigeration’s technological or geographical product portfolio. Cooling and freezing technology for the food industry are important growth areas within GEA Refrigeration. After acquiring Aerofreeze (Canada) in 2007 and developing Aerofreeze Europe (France) in 2008, GEA Refrigeration ensures further growth in this segment with the acquisition of Eurotek (UK) and now Intec USA in January 2009.
The newly acquired company with its carton freezer product line and technology ideally complements the spiral and tunnel freezers of Aerofreeze in North America, Europe, South America and Middle East. Because of the high demand for food safety and corresponding quality standards, carton freezers have become the standard technology for freezing boxes worldwide. Purpose of these freezers is the cooling, chilling and freezing of food products in a continuous process in an industrial environment.
The company’s products are used across the food industry in all sectors such as meat and poultry, vegetables, cheese and ice cream industries. Intec is among the leading companies in its field in North America and is expanding in South America and the Middle East.