Chillventa 2010 was a complete success. 29,312 trade visitors from all over the world met at their exhibition highlight from 13–15 October 2010, when the Nürnberg exhibition centre was the hub of the international refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump community. 881 companies from 42 countries presented the variety and innovative power of a whole industry. The mood was excellent and marked by an optimistic view of the future.

Full closing report: Excellent mood at Chillventa
Chillventa 2010“Chillventa 2010 was a great success for the exhibitors from all over the world. We had the right visitors on the stands and held highly qualified talks. The mood at Chillventa showed the way ahead for the industry. Chillventa has class, here you meet the decision-makers and professionals. I’m already looking forward to the next exhibition,” says Heinrich Reuß, Chairman of the Chillventa Exhibition Committee.

Record for exhibitors and high degree of internationality
The mood in the industry is excellent and Chillventa 2010 impressively reflected this optimistic and good atmosphere. “The feedback from both the exhibitors and visitors was extremely positive. The international industry is now doing better again after some difficult months and this was clearly noticeable at the exhibition,” says Richard Krowoza, Member of the Management Board of NürnbergMesse. This is definitely shown by the number of exhibitors: Chillventa set a new record with a 10 per cent increase to 881 companies. The internationality of 63 per cent is also excellent. Companies from 42 countries exhibited at the event. The list of the top 10 exhibitors from abroad is headed by Italy, followed by China, Turkey, the Netherlands, Great Britain, the USA, France, the Czech Republic, Spain and Belgium.

9 out of 10 exhibitors certainly coming again in 2012
Chillventa with its second event is undoubtedly of great importance for the worldwide industry. This is impressively confirmed by the survey of exhibitors: as many as 91 per cent of the exhibiting companies interviewed on the third day of the exhibition said they would exhibit again at Chillventa in 2012.

Visitors from all over the world
The number of visitors and congress participants was equally good at the high level of 29,312. Hans-Joachim Socher, General Manager, Walter Meier, is delighted: “We could hardly cope with the crowds on our stand during the three days of the event. We were rushed off our feet, which is what we want at an exhibition. We are very satisfied with Chillventa 2010.” The international participation of 54 per cent is also excellent here. So Chillventa’s global and unique role as international get-together for the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump community is impressively approved by the industry. This is confirmed by Friedhelm Körner, General Manager, Johnson Controls Systems & Service GmbH: “The high degree of internationality was clearly noticeable this year and twice as high as two years ago. Chillventa is a permanent feature of our company’s exhibition calendar and meanwhile established as European exhibition in the concern. Many of our customers come from all over Europe to convince themselves of our expertise. We are thoroughly satisfied.”

High quality of visitors: focus on decision-makers
The high quality of the visitors at Chillventa 2010 was constantly praised. The majority of visitors are involved in decision-making processes, are from research, development or design, or from production planning, planning, purchasing, procurement or sales. The installation and maintenance firms were also excellently represented. Altogether 87 per cent of the visitors are involved in decision-making processes in their companies or play an advisory role in such decisions.
This was clearly shown in the halls and on the stands. “The very good mood at Chillventa was pleasing and the quality of the visitors and the top-class talks were convincing. We are very satisfied with the exhibition,” says Dr. Karin Jahn, VDMA. Just how impressed the Chillventa visitors are is also confirmed by the survey conducted during the event. Well over half of all those interviewed will visit Chillventa again in 2012.

Chillventa Congressing: top international programme
The top-calibre Chillventa Congressing programme with a good 400 international participants started the day before the exhibition. The Chillventa forums parallel to the exhibition provided extensive and highly qualified information and covered all segments of refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps. As programme coordinator Dr.Rainer Jakobs aptly puts it: “The special features of this year’s Chillventa Congressing were the top-class presentations from Germany and especially from abroad. The participants at the congress were all delighted and praised the quality of the papers, which are now also available in digital form. A special highlight was the ‘Presentation by Trainees’ series, in which young students and graduates showed their knowledge, with a special emphasis on the scientific approach. I am sure we will present a first-class Chillventa Congressing programme again in 2012.”

Focus on know-how: forums in the exhibition halls
The visitors also had the opportunity to source extensive information at the forums on refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, heat pumps and cleanrooms, which were organized in 17 blocks in three halls. The forums focused on topics such as energy efficiency of refrigeration plants & components, industrial refrigeration, supermarket refrigeration, refrigerant development, energy efficiency, regulations, power control, energy-optimized components and solutions for phasing out R22. The Bundesfachschule Maintal/Niedersachswerfen (Federal College of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology) gave additional forum presentations on certification under the F-Gas Regulation.The complete programme presented over 130 events. More information at:

Successful and convincing premiere for Cleanroom Village
The Cleanroom Village celebrated its premiere at Chillventa, and the special presentation was convincing right from the start. Walter Ritz, Senior Consultant, TÜV Süd Cleancert, is delighted: “Chillventa 2010 has appreciably exceeded our expectations. The Cleanroom Village was very well received. We – and I speak for all the participants at this special presentation – had very good national and international contacts. So the Cleanroom Village enjoyed a super successful start, which will be continued next year at the TechnoPharm exhibition.” Particularly the live show in the Cleanroom Village was very well attended. This show under the motto of “We make the invisible visible” visualized the effects of clothing and movement using online particle measurement. More information:

Energy efficiency and high-tech in the Industrial Heat Pump Village
The Industrial Heat Pump Village in hall 1 focused on heat pumps for the second time following its premiere in 2008. 19 companies presented their products and solutions for heat pumps. The visitors were also able to obtain comprehensive information about heat pumps from experts at the forum in hall 1, exchange views and enjoy a constructive dialogue with the heat pump specialists.
The whole programme for the Industrial Heat Pump Village and other information:

Film impressions and social networks
Those who missed Chillventa 2010 can obtain a summary from the current film impressions at Follow Chillventa on Facebook: or Twitter:

Outlook for 2012
The next Chillventa with the Chillventa Congressing programme takes place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg in October 2012.

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