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Wiesbaden, Germany

FILTECH FILTECH - International Conference & Exhibition for Filtration and Separation Technology

FILTECH is the largest and most important special interest Event devoted entirely to filtration and separation technology. FILTECH will feature the latest innovations and up-to-date filtration and separation technology, particle measurement & analysis systems as well as the latest equipment of associated industries.

The world of filtration and separation came to Wiesbaden for FILTECH 2011 from 22-24 March. During these three days, over 5200 participants from all over the world visited the leading filtration and separation event to catch up on innovations and equipment as well as related cutting edge products and services displayed at the show. The reported number of contacts and the deals made at FILTECH 2011 clearly marked a willingness to invest and reflected the positive market development in the F&S sector. The show featured 230 exhibitors and was accompanied by a three day conference that attracted close to 500 delegates interested in the latest F&S research from around the globe.

With an encouraging increase of exhibitors by 46% and visitors by 38%, FILTECH reaffirms its claim to be the largest special interest event world-wide devoted to filtration and separation technology. FILTECH also successfully extended its range and featured many closely associated industries, among these were adhesive applications, activated carbon, cutting, ultrasonic welding and sewing innovations as well as plasma treatment technologies.

56% of the visitors travelled to Wiesbaden from outside Germany to learn what's new in the market, making FILTECH an intercultural experience. (Western Europe 28%, Asia 10%, Eastern Europe 9%, North/South Amercia 5%, Middle East 4%).