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Szanghai, Chiny

EXPO 2010
EXPO 2010

Expo 2010
Shanghai, 1 May – 31 October 2010

The World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, which will run between 1 May and 31 October 2010, is expected to be the biggest Expo ever. A total of 228 countries and international organisations have so far announced their participation. The arrangers estimate that 70 million people will visit Expo 2010 during its six month duration, with 95 per cent of the visitors being Chinese.

The World Expo is essentially a global exhibition in China. Almost all of the world’s countries are taking part in order to develop their relationship with China, particularly in the commercial arena. Expo 2010 is a strategically important and a prestigious event for China and Shanghai alike. There is a great deal of national pride in China over the rapid economic development of the past two decades, and the World Expo and the attention it gives China throughout the world is confirmation that China has now become a major economic power. China also aims to improve and strengthen its global image and that of the city of Shanghai.

The theme for Expo 2010 is Better City, Better Life – a broad focus on the aspiration to create better living conditions in cities. The theme has been chosen to reflect the explosive population growth that has taken place in the cities of the world. In the year 1800, 2 per cent of the world’s population lived in cities; in 1950 the number had grown to 29 per cent, and in 2000 almost half of the people in the world lived in cities. UN estimates indicate that steadily increasing urban populations will mean as many as 55 per cent of the world community live in cities by 2010.