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10-12.02.2009 Tokyo, Japan

ENEX 2009

ENEX exhibition is one of the biggest comprehensive exhibitions in Japan regarding energy efficiency and conservation to be held in Tokyo and Osaka every February which is the Energy Conservation Month.
It is an exhibition organized by ECCJ (the Energy Conservation Center, Japan), featuring various kinds of energy conservation measures and new energy technologies to provide the public with a broad range of information concerning energy-saving subjects across the sectors. In recent years Japan's energy consumption in the commercial/residential sector has increased substantially more than in the industrial sector, due to lifestyle changes driven by pursuit of affluence and the widespread adoption of information technology.
Technologies and ideas are needed to allow the efficient and minimized use of energy.
It is important not only to achieve an industrial breakthrough but also to review energy and our lifestyles and take the appropriate action. fer a new business will ofMeanwhile, countermeasures against global warming will offer a new business opportunity for a wide range of enterprises and also an opportunity to adjust our lifestyles in harmony with the global environment based on more efficient use of energy.
ENEX 2009 is composed of an "Energy Solution Area," chiefly for industries and business,and a "Smart Life Area," related to our lifestyles.
The former offers flexibly evolving energy solutions with a focus on business,
anticipating environmental changes.
It has a trade show function and provides opportunities for transmission of information,information exchange and business opportunities.
In response to the growing call nationwide for energy conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions, the energy solutions market is expanding.