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Mińsk, Białoruś

Energy Expo
International Specialized Exhibition & Belarusian Energy and Ecology Congress
Venue: Roofed Soccer Arena (pr. Pobeditelei, 20/2, Minsk, Belarus)

The 16th Belarusian Energy and Ecology Congress

Electric Power Industry

• Modernization of the electric power industry infrastructure
• National energy security upgrade
• Implementation of the Energy Import Replacement Program
• Self-contained power supply systems
• Reliability and durability improvement of power generating facilities
• Improvement of the regulatory environment for energy generation and consumption
• Optimal structure formation of the power generating facilities in the Belarusian energy system
• Technologies, equipment, materials for generation, transmission and distribution of electrical and heat energy
• Optimization of the electrical power transmission and distribution schemes
• The problems to implement innovations and invest into energy generation development
• The problems to develop combined energy supply systems
• Environmental problems of power generating
• Relationship problems between heat supply organizations

Energy efficiency and alternative power generation

• Decreasing energy density of the national economy
• Increasing efficiency of energy consumption and saving
• Designing, building and reconstructing of energy efficient apartment houses
• Energy saving illuminating engineering
• Energy and resource saving household appliances
• Economical efficiency of energy saving applied by heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
• Decreasing energy consumption at manufacturing facilities through implementing state-of-the-art high-performance technological processes
• Loss reduction in transmission and distribution of energy resources
• Applying energy audit as an operant tool to achieve energy efficiency
• Energy saving and environmentally friendly technologies in various economy sectors
• Improving tariff policy to stimulate energy resource saving
• Personnel training and continuing education in the energy saving field
• Growing share of local fuels and alternative energy sources in the fuel and energy balance
• Development of renewable power generation by applying national scientific research results
• Energy efficient equipment for using renewable energy sources
• Legislative and regulatory base of energy saving
• Economical and financial mechanisms of energy saving
• International cooperation in power generating, energy efficiency and ecology; projects’ references


• Prudent management and protection of water resources
• Reducing released volumes of polluting agents
• City development sustainability problems
• Ensuring environmental safety while applying local and renewable energy sources
• Application perspectives of the "green standards" for environmental certification
• Climate change challenges
• Economical mechanism of natural resource use
• Ecological education and enlightenment systems
• International environmental partnership
• Air, water, soil, contamination prevention and noise protection
• Waste management and recycling

Information technologies in energetics and ecology

• Intellectual electric energy systems
• Automated emergency protection and dispatching control complexes for the electric energy systems
• Automated billing and energy resources consumption management systems
• Automated lighting management systems
• Innovative environment monitoring technologies
• Geo information systems for ecology and natural resource use
• Automated and information systems for energetics, ecology, and energy saving

Nuclear power industry

• Development of nuclear power industry in the Republic of Belarus
• Nuclear power stations: designing, building, and exploiting
• Technologies and equipment in nuclear power industry
• Nuclear and radiation safety and security
• International nuclear power industry cooperation
• Training and continuing education for the nuclear power plant staff

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