Najbardziej energooszczędny system w swojej kategorii, innowacyjny rooftop Strategos™ Lennox otrzymał prestiżowe wyróżnienie Silver w Dealer Design Award 2008.

Linia central Strategos została wybrana spośród 140 produktów przez niezależną grupę 63 wykonawców.
Z rewolucyjnym systemem MSAV™ (multi-stage air volume), jednostki dachowe Strategos powodują zmniejszenie zużycia energii, kosztują mniej w porównaniu do podobnych systemów i pomagają chronić środowisko naturalne.
Więcej w informacji prasowej: Strategos™ Rooftop Unit Line from Lennox Wins Dealer Design Award
DALLAS, TX – July 15, 2008 – The most energy-efficient system of its kind*, the innovative Strategos™ rooftop unit line from Lennox has received the prestigious Silver designation in the 2008 Dealer Design Awards. Strategos rooftop units provide an excellent green-building option to help a wide range of businesses reach their sustainability goals.
Sponsored by The Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News magazine, the annual awards program recognizes product design excellence in the heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration industries. The Strategos rooftop unit line was selected from among 140 products by an independent panel of 63 contractors.
Designed for efficiency ratings up to 66% higher than U.S. government standards, Strategos units provide an unprecedented level of control over energy usage. The revolutionary MSAV™ (multi-stage air volume) supply fan technology conserves energy during partial cooling operation while continuing to meet comfort requirements. With up to seven levels of airflow, the MSAV option provides just the right amount of cooling for controlled energy use. When there is a low demand for cooling and only one compressor is active, the unit will reduce airflow to save energy. As the cooling demand increases and the unit activates additional compressors, the system will increase airflow to provide more cooling capacity.
“Contractors appreciate that Strategos units provide real dollar savings for their customers, thanks to efficiency ratings up to 16.1 SEER, 14.3 EER and 16.4 IPLV,” said Larry Wei, Lennox Commercial Rooftop Unit Product Manager. “In addition, several contractor-friendly features allow fast, easy installation and maintenance, while Lennox’ Integrated Modular Controller provides advanced troubleshooting to help contractors be more productive and profitable.”
An excellent energy-management investment, Strategos rooftop units are designed to cut energy usage, cost less to operate than other systems and help businesses reduce their environmental impact.