Following the development of new patented technology for the measurement of gases which have an impact on the environment and the climate, such as CO2, ammonia and NO2, Danfoss Ventures and the Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation have set up a new company, Danfoss IXA A/S. The company will develop and market the technology globally.

Six employees at Danfoss IXA A/S will work to develop the sensors for climate control in stables. The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation has funded the work with almost 1.5 million euros and it takes place in cooperation with the ventilation company SKOV A/S from Roslev, Denmark, and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Thanks to the new sensor, substantial energy savings (up to 20 per cent) can be obtained in stables and large garden centres because it helps the gardeners and the farmers obtain optimal control by opening and shutting the ventilation, heating and cooling systems at exactly the right time.
The new sensor technology
Jens Møller Jensen, technical director and the creator of the sensor technology, has been working on the project and gathering financial backing since 2003:
“Our sensor is able to measure gases in very harsh conditions and this is what makes it stand out from others. Unlike other sensors which measure gases inside a measurement chamber, our sensor is able to measure gases in the air or in exhaust gases. It measures several gases ie. CO2 and ammonia simultaneously and is faster and much more robust compared to other sensors currently on the market.”
As a result of increasing global environmental awareness, the focus is also on the emission of shipping industry gases which have an impact on the environment, such as SOx and NOx. Since the sensor can also be used for measuring gases in, for example, exhausts on ships, the shipping industry is a priority in Vejle, which will be the location of the new company’s headquarters.
“We are targeting the setting-up of strategic cooperation relations with leading players in our focus areas: farming, gardening and the shipping sector. Danfoss is already a strong player and with the right cooperation partners in and outside Danfoss, we can make sure that our technology is distributed worldwide as soon as possible. With the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation’s financial backing for the development within stables, we have reached an important milestone and we have been given the seal of approval for our technology and our development team,” says Henrik Gedde Moos who is the new President of Danfoss IXA A/S.
Henrik Gedde Moos was previously the Global Marketing Communication Director at Carrier Corporation and has been dealing with entrepreneurship at Danfoss.
Danfoss’ top management is pleased with the divestment of the new company which began as a project in the Danfoss Heating Division and was later developed at Danfoss Ventures, which is Danfoss’ department for entrepreneurship and innovation within corporate non-core areas.
“In the present times, when we have had to reef the sails of our main business, it is very positive to set afloat projects which are set to grow and create workplaces in areas which do not belong to Danfoss’ core business, but which represent our technologies and competencies. In this way, innovation and development at the periphery of our business are made available to investors and business angels, while at the same time making sure that we maintain the required focus on Danfoss’ core businesses,” says Niels B. Christiansen, Danfoss CEO.
The new company, Danfoss IXA, will display its sensor technology for the first time from April 20 to 25 2009 at the Hannover exhibition in Germany.