Daikin receives 11th Grand Prize for Protection of Ozone Layer and Prevention of Global Warming.

Daikin Industries, Ltd. (DIL) has constructed a network that centrally manages information for the recovery of fluorocarbons. For these efforts, DIL was awarded the prize of Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in the 11th Grand Prizes for Protection of the Ozone Layer and Prevention of Global Warming. These awards are organized by industrial economy newspaper, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd., with sponsorship from METI and the Ministry of the Environment. DIL has realized for the overall Daikin Group in Japan a system that assuredly recovers fluorocarbons and even manages the destruction of fluorocarbons after their recovery.
This award recognizes DIL’s construction and operation on a nationwide scale of a centralized system that fully abides by the law at workplaces throughout Japan. The award also recognizes the fact that not only has service departments recover fluorocarbons but also targets all air conditioner sales and installation activities in which the Daikin Group is involved.
At the award ceremony held on September 9th, Mr. Yukiyoshi Okano, DIL’s President and COO said, “Constant vigilance is required in the recovery of refrigerants. This award provides great encouragement and confidence to those who are directly involved with the recovery and management of fluorocarbons at the worksite.”
Network Management System
Service departments:
All information such as information gained at the time of recovery, including the amount of fluorocarbon recovery performed at the service centers throughout Japan, as well as instructions to destruction contractors for transportation of cylinders containing various types of fluorocarbons, can be managed nationwide at the one Contact Center.

Sales departments (Sales subsidiaries, Daikin Airtechnology & Engineering Co., Ltd.):
Sales departments at each base throughout Japan receive requests for construction to remove existing air conditioning equipment, which requires the recovery of fluorocarbons. The Refrigerant Recovery Manifest System centrally manages information for each project at the time of fluorocarbon recovery and at the time of commissioning fluorocarbon destruction.

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