The Daikin EWAD-AJYNN/S and EWAD-AJYNN/X air cooled inverter controlled chillers combine high full load efficiency with maximum efficiency at partial load conditions.

Since chillers operate most of time under partial load conditions, these machines have the highest European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) in their class (up to 5.01 for the /X version. The result is the lowest possible annual operating cost. The new units represent energy savings of 20% over traditional high efficiency chillers (EWAD-AJYNN/A) and 30% over traditional standard efficiency chillers (EWAD-AJYNN).

Low sound levels

When designing the new units for optimum partial load use, attention was also paid to the sound levels at these conditions. Variable fan velocity and compressor frequency combined with structural vibration damping result in low noise levels at partial loads.

Power when you need it

The VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) inverter control of the EWAD-AJYNN/S and EWAD-AJYNN/X not only plays a role in overall efficiency and quiet operation. The ability to vary the output power in relation to cooling demand by increasing the compressor’s frequency makes it possible to reach comfortable building conditions much faster when starting up.
Chillers are often specified for ambient operating temperatures of up to 35ºC, but when the ambient temperature exceeds this, cooling capacity falls off dramatically. Not so with the EWAD-AJYNN/S and EWAD-AJYNN/X: these units are able to follow building demand, even when outdoor temperatures rise above the specified limits.

Low starting current and guaranteed high power factor

Unlike units that use so-called Y-delta or soft-start technology, the EWAD-AJYNN/S and EWAD-AJYNN/X are designed so that the start-up current never exceeds the current needed for maximum operating conditions. This eliminates the need for larger electrical systems to handle start-up, thus reducing installation costs and time.
Moreover, a low “power factor” means the system is drawing more current for the same amount of power obtained with a higher power factor. For this reason, electricity suppliers charge a premium when the power factor drops below a given threshold. The inverter control of the Daikin air cooled chillers guarantees a power fact of .95 or greater, in all operating conditions, meaning no electricity surcharges.

The Daikin difference: reliable efficiency, optimum comfort

The EWAD-AJYNN/S and EWAD-AJYNN/X use two fully independent R-134a refrigeration circuits, guaranteeing operation during maintenance periods. The VFD technology is capable of boosting the remaining circuit so that it can support 58% of system capacity on its own.
Stepless inverter operation means optimum building comfort and efficiency for that load level. Other “stepped” technologies often apply too much or too little energy for the required load, resulting in decreased efficiency and variations in comfort. On top of that, stepless inverter technology sees to it that the outlet water temperature is absolutely constant, regardless of load.
Yet even among inverter based systems, there are differences. The ability of the Daikin compressor to operate across a wide range of frequencies makes it unique in achieving the highest levels of efficiency and comfort.
The new inverter controlled air cooled Daikin chillers are available in capacities from 329 kW to 515 kW, and in a standard seasonal efficiency model (/S) and high seasonal efficiency model (/X). Standard, reduced and low-noise (X version only) options are also available.
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