The world’s largest provider of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions will soon present its wide range of CO2 systems, such as refrigerated and freezer display cases, on

Carrier Corp., a unit of United Technologies Corp., has joined as a Gold Partner. Through, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration will illustrate its leadership in developing CO2 technologies and showcase its wide range of integrated solutions that make CO2 systems an attractive alternative to HFC systems. A key player in the emerging European market for natural refrigerant solutions for commercial refrigeration, Carrier is actively supporting current developments in booster systems to reduce energy consumption, complexity and cost for combined low temperature (LT) and medium temperature (MT) systems. For its innovative technology, the company won the Environmental Pioneer award in the Refrigeration category at the 2008 Cooling Industry Awards in the United Kingdom. Two groundbreaking technologies for Carrier, which are also illustrative of those featured on, include transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems and CO2OLtec™ technology.

Transcritical CO2 system milestones

As a pioneer in developing CO2 technology, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration installed the world’s largest transcritical CO2 refrigeration system. The company’s equipment cools food in a hypermarket in Northern Germany, where three HT packs with a total capacity of 670 kW and two LT packs with a capacity of 130 kW are in operation. Carrier has also developed a two-step technology with CO2 refrigerant, allowing the pressure on the supermarket shop floor to be kept at reasonable levels (around 40 bar), with only the plant areas requiring higher pressures. In the U.K. at Sainsbury’s in Greenwich, Carrier has completed the first transcritical store based on water cooling, converting the store’s refrigeration system to CO2 with only 10 days of shutdown.

With CO2OLtec on the road to success

CO2OLtec technology is a viable long-term solution that significantly reduces direct and indirect emissions. In addition, this technology utilizes smaller pipe diameters as compared to traditional HFC refrigerants due to the 4- to 6-fold increase in volumetric cooling capacity of CO2.
Carrier’s CO2OLtec system is gaining traction in the European food retail segment, with particular success in Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia. For low temperature applications, 120 stores with a total of 3,900 kW installed cooling capacity are in operation today; in addition, 61 stores with a total capacity of 9,000 kW are equipped with CO2OLtec technology for medium temperature applications.
Carrier has also extended its CO2OLtec technology beyond its use in supermarkets and hypermarkets to discount store applications. CO2OLtec systems, ranging in capacity from 50 KW to 90 kW, are now being used in environmentally sound and efficient refrigerating plants in Aldi Süd discount stores.


“Carrier believes market leadership obligates environmental leadership. That means sustainability for our customers. We are committed to achieving measured sustainability in every aspect of our business. We focus on energy efficient refrigerant system design and reduced refrigerant charges, as well as the use of optimal refrigerants in every application,” said Juergen Goeller, Director Marketing and Key Account Management, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration. “Carrier has a refrigerant solution for every application, but not every application will have the same refrigerant. CO2 is a clear differentiator for commercial refrigeration.”

About Carrier

Carrier Corp., headquartered in Farmington, Conn., is the world’s largest provider of heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. With 2008 revenues of $14.9 billion, Carrier has approximately 41,000 employees worldwide and operations in more than 170 countries. Carrier is part of United Technologies Corp., a Hartford, Connecticut-based provider of products and services to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide.