The Danish specialist for CO2 solutions has developed air cooled condensing units for air conditioning in offices, production facilities and server rooms. The compSUPER AC models, soon to be added to, offer better efficiency than HFC and hydrocarbon water chillers.

Advansor’s new compSUPER AC units constitute the newest technology available within the field of natural refrigerants for air conditioning in office buildings, air cooling of production facilities, and rack cooling, amongst others. Designed as a simple one-stage system for direct expansion, the units incorporate a special intermediate pressure receiver designed for 90 bar stand still pressure fulfilling the same function as the traditional liquid receiver. They eliminate the need for indirect water-based systems, lowering significantly both the installation costs and the energy consumption.
The novel product series builds on Advansor’s existing successful compSUPER range for commercial refrigeration. As a result, the AC units incorporate the experience gained from 10 years of development work for CO2 Technology, as well as practical field experience from more than 50 transcritical systems operating in supermarkets throughout Europe. They combine high operational reliability with stable temperature control, and low cost of operation and ownership.

More efficient than HFC & HC solutions

Advansor started development on the new compSUPER AC products with one clear goal in mind: to match and exceed the design point Coefficient of Performance (COP) of hydrocarbon and HFC water chillers working in Northern climate conditions. Depending on the installation and application, Advansor’s CO2 solution outperforms both solutions by reducing seasonal energy consumption by between 10 to 20%.
Furthermore, the product, soon to feature on the product database together with Advansor’s new compSUPER Type B model for commercial refrigeration, eliminates the need for indirect water systems for coils and dry coolers. Making water pumps unnecessary, this further contributes to savings on operation and maintenance costs.
About Advansor
The Danish supplier manufactures and sells CO2 thermal systems for heating, cooling and refrigeration in combined heating and power plants, food factories and the process industry. Advansor also offers analysis and consultancy to ensure optimal energy and cost savings.